On The Street Where I Live

This began as the brain child of Fandango at This, That, And The Other.  To make a long story short, he thought it would be nice to see the streets of fellow bloggers.  So I eventually remembered and took my camera out on the way to my Dad’s last night.  Stopped in the driveway and captured a look into my neighborhood.  It is a pretty quiet street for the most part.  Lots of apartments in the area and all sort of people… singles, families, college students, couples, etc.  Anyway… I am a fan of black and white so here is a monochrome look into my world.  (Sorry I was so late with my link Fandango! But I am here at the party now.)

On My Street BW

Does anyone else want to share a bit of your world with a picture of your street?

Don’t Forget To Clean Up

I knew a girl whose name was Jessie
Whose roommate was called Bessie
They didn’t know they’d been robbed
Because they were both big slobs
They were really beyond quite messy

They discovered about a week later
That the landlord was a traitor
He let in the thief
To cause them grief
Because at heart he was a hater

So to the police they ran
To foil his master plan
(To make them both go
And steal their dough)
And they talked to sergeant Stan

However the law was on his side
Because the mess they couldn’t hide
And their deposit he kept
While the girls only wept
He had taken them both for a ride


Why do people have to move?  It is the silliest and most frustrating thing in the world!  I have moved 4 times before and am in the middle of #5.  Half of the things you can’t pack until the last minute and then it is the pack until 3 am rush.  I overslept this morning and have no ambition today.  This is the day to make phone calls for switched services at least, so not a lot of time for that.  It is also catch up on laundry day… It is supposed to be a plus having a washer drying IN my apartment.  BUT it is in the basement/garage and I am so sick of stars.  Glad my new place has laundry on the main floor.

But really why do we move so much?  I know people who move every year of college to a different apartment.  It is most likely a 4 year run… can you really say you enjoy moving every year?  Box it all up, move, unpack, study, box it again, repeat yearly.  Maybe it is because I am past my college years so I lack the energy to do such a thing.  I just don’t get it.  I moved my four times for pretty normal reasons… away from home, into a house with marriage, back home with a divorce, and a place all my own.  Now move 5 is to be closer to work in a MUCH nicer place.  But really if gas cost weren’t thru the roof… I would be content to stay where I am for a while more.  It is not paradise, but it is a roof over my head.

I guess I should live and learn…become a packing pro with another move of experience.  …and stop avoiding the situation by writing about it and GET BACK AT IT!

(((HUGS))) to everyone!