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Prince, Panic! At the Disco, Phil Collins, Pink… Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Papa Was a Rolling Stone, Paint it Black, Photograph… Parody, piano, percussion, polka… pick your poison.

More about my reckless (?) youth.  I still recall the first “video game system” we ever got.  It was pong, and just pong as far as I remember.  (relax… I will get to the music eventually)  Then came the Atari 2600.  I think the first game we had was Combat (or Tank).  Then came Pole Position, Space Invaders, and Surround.  My favorite game we got though was Pacman.  I became the top scorer in the house and in an arcade or two in town I would top the score lists for a while.

By this time I was hooked on video games.  My friend and I adopted the staff from one of the arcades in town.  Somewhere along the line I had a birthday and I got Buckner and Garcia’s album Pacman Fever.  The single was just starting to get airplay and I loved it.  Have you ever had the fever?

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A to Z Challenge – Video Games

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V is for video games

I was kind of born at the right time.  As an elementry student we got our first Pong game.  For those of you too young to know, video games started extremely basic and we were all gaga over them!  It wasn’t long before we moved up to the Atari 2600.  Space Invaders, Surround, Pole Position… all very boxy looking games now, but the greatest thing in the mid to late 70’s.

The Atari continued to produce new games and it wasn’t long before PacMan hit the arcades.  I loved it!  I was not a master at it, but I could often get the top score at the arcade.  Ah, the arcades!  I was a teenager and my friend had her driver’s license so we would hit the arcades in town, especially the one with the cute guys working there!  We knew all of them by name in no time.  We thought we were hot stuff.  (I can’t help but laugh at that now!)

Arcades began to fade when home systems evolved into more memory and better graphics.  We never had the Nintendo or Playstation until much later.  But we played lots of games on out Atari computer.  There was Preppy (a Frogger take off where you mowed the lawn at the country club) text adventure games (one, if I remember right, was called Escape and you just had to go through a series of events to make it down to the ground floor in a high rise.) and Lemmings (where you directed the lemmings which way to go so they would not die).

By the time I hit college the hot game for me was Tapper where you served beer in different saloon settings.  I was the master of it in the campus game room! Then life happened and before long I became a mom and picked very carefully what my daughter played.  Actually that is not true.  I tried not to sensor her too much and I know she and her cousin were well below the recommended age for Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

It became a tradition in our house, when there was a snow day I would stay home and we would play Paper Mario all day. As she ages she played more and more games alone and I sat down with Animal Crossing to play a nice mind numbing game.

Now a days it is phone games or Wii.  I still play video games and get all excited if there is a PacMan, Ms PacMan, or Frogger game any place we go.  I hope to join a Wii bowling league when I get old enough to go to the senior center.  😂🤣


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