Aging Well

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I see you across the room

And it stops my heart

You’re just as handsome as ever

In fact that touch of grey

Adds to your allure

I feel a pull tugging me

Across the room to you

Butterflies in my stomach

And a voracious appetite for you

Leaves me weak in my knees

I take a deep breath

And recognize your cologne

I can’t stay where I am

I must touch you once more

Even if it is just a brief moment

This hunger must be quenched

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – voracious

Magical Forces

You walk in with such confidence

I can’t help but sigh

I am put in a trance

By the look in your eyes

I am under a spell by the way

Your mouth turns up on one side

And the sound of your voice

Resonates deeply within me

The look of strength in your hands

Though I know the gentleness of your touch


…oh how you do so much to me

without doing a thing

Casual Confidence

You have a casual way about you –

Take it all in stride,

Never let life get you down,

Go with the flow.

To put it simply

You are comfortable

In your own skin,

And that is a characteristic

I find very attractive.

Your confidence is not arrogance,

More of a cool calm demeanor.

You are sure of yourself

And that makes me certain

I wish I knew you better.

In A Different League

I am trying something new.  One of the wonderful writers I follow has a writing prompt I am giving a try.  It is a ten word challenge and I think I accomplished something reasonably coherent from the blend of all the words.  Not quite my usual style, but it is a challenge after all.  Let me know what you think and join in the challenge if you would like.

This is the word list…


And this is the original post – Sumyanna Writes

Here goes…


I manage a shy smile…

Inside I am giddy with excitement

But I am too scared to let it show

My heart is about to pop out of my chest

There is no doubt I am in awe of him

But I punish myself with words of failure

Sure he can only see the bad in me

And there is no hope for a future

In addition to my internal fears

There is a steady supply of women

Willing to trot in front of him and bat their eyes

Why would he want someone plain like me

I look away from his chiseled features

And that five o’clock shadow he never shaves

Sure he is way out of my league

I suddenly see a shadow cross the base of my table

I look up into heaven as he smiles down at me…