Mumbles … Symbolic

Pink ribbons are symbolic of breast cancer.  You can find a ribbon for just about any cause.  The day this word prompt came out (July 3rd) it had been eighteen years since I had my surgery that confirmed my cancer.  Having fought it, I am so grateful for every pink ribbon I see.

Every pink ribbon is a little bit of hope.  It quite often represents a few more pennies that go into the fund for the cure.  At the very least it is more awareness and if it makes one woman OR man get that lump checked out and discovers the cancer early it is so very worth it.

I do what I can for other ribbon promotions… teal for ovarian cancer, iridescent for MS, purple for pancreatic cancer, puzzle pieces for autism, and so many more.  I wear both a pink and purple silicon bracelet for breast and pancreatic cancers as they have both touched my life.  I could probably cover my whole forearm with all the cancer and illness that has affected ones I love.

So, take a minute the next time you shop… look and see if the ribbon on the package is actually making a difference with a donation to research.  Support those products that are because without those ribbons we would not being doing as well as we are with cancer treatments.  We have not found the cures yet, but we are making strides every day.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – symbolic