A Moment Of Grace

Photo by Wellington Cunha on Pexels.com

She was awkward

Could trip up the stairs

Always dropped things

Everyone just knew it

She was the clumsy one

Then she found her love –


She began a class

She practiced all the time

And in no time

Had a bit of grace to her

The night of her first performance

She was so nervous

She was shaking and afraid

But when the time came

She was a vision on stage

Every leap and twirl a beautiful moment

She still trips up the stairs

And can drop a million things a day

But give her some music and floor space

And she is ungainly no more

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – ungainly

A to Z Challenge – Geek

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge

G is for Geek

I was not popular in school.  In fact I was kind of a geek.  I liked to read and I would try to make it to the library often.  I hated homework, so I would use my free time often to try to get it done.  These things made me a bit of a geek.

Overall I was excruciatingly shy.  I think it was some of my social anxiety shining through.  I was the girl in glasses and braces with acne… more reason’s to not fit in.  And I had untreated allergies so I always had facial tissues handy.  I was a geeky girl. The only thing missing was that I was not a band geek.

People talk about wanting to go back to their teen years.  I say no way.  It was painfully awkward for me.  Now I embrace my geekiness,  I still read, still shy and I do still like to learn new things.  So I am at least now Geeky and proud (aka too old to care anymore).


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Silent Questions

The awkward silence that follows
My sincere I love you…
The awkward silence eats me alive
Did I do something wrong…
The awkward silence slowly chokes me
Should I have never said a word…
The awkward silence fills me with anxiety
It has to be my fault…
The awkward silence forces me to think
You never loved me to begin with….

Tongue Tied

It’s all your fault

I am such a klutz

I fumble over my words

whenever I try to speak to you

I get shaky and can’t hold still

whenever you are near

my movements are clumsy

if I move closer to you

I just don’t know what to do with myself

whenever you take time for me

I am worlds away from you

but dream to be a part of yours

if only I wouldn’t fall on my face

whenever we meet…