Rule Breaker

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Yep, I am breaking the rules. I am jumping almost two weeks ahead… well not ahead, but to today. I haven’t done many of Fandango’s Who Won the Week challenges but I had to post today.

My winner for the week is the state of Iowa, specifically the city of Dyersville. After years of talk and planning and hoping… the first major league baseball game ever played in Iowa happened. But it wasn’t just a regular ballgame. This was a scene from a movie played out.

‘The New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox met in the corn fields of Dyersville to play the Field of Dreams game. Old time uniforms, a audience of Iowan fans and a visit from the film’s star all made for a mgical night. No, I was not one of the lucky ones to get a ticket, but we did catch most of the end of the game on TV. It was so cool to see the homers disappear between the rows of corn.

Some of the best news was later on when I heard not only the game would be played again next year, but it was the highest watched ball game in the last 16 years on TV. So cool.

My winner for the week… the Field of Dreams.

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Written for Fandango’s Who Won the Week (FWWTW) – August 15

Cracker Jacks

The players switched field positions after three outs.  The announcer came on the loud-speaker and began to sing Take Me Out to The Ballgame.  Joanne looked at her boyfriend and began to sing along, “Well it’s root, root, root for the home team…”  Mark looked completely embarrassed until she stopped with the last note.

“Why do you insist on singing along?  It is so embarrassing,” Mark said with a blushed face.

“Look around you.  You will not likely see these people again and besides; I am not the only one singing,” Joanne said.

“Fine, I am just antsy I guess.  What if they catch me playing hooky from school to come to the game?  I don’t want to screw up my scholarship chances with a bad mark on my record.”

“Relax Mark, you have the luck of Ferris Bueller, and if you recall he never got caught.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – root

100 Days of Happiness – 1/2 way

First of all I must apologize for not writing last night.  It was another night the chronic fatigue got the most of me and I was out for the night.  And I just can’t help but repeat a little bit…

Day 49 – It was another great game in the World Series.  The Cubs won by a little wider margin this time.  I had to stop in the middle of the game and run to my Dad’s house, but I didn’t miss much.  I was looking at the bases loaded and told my boyfriend that it would sure be nice to get a home run about now… and they DID!  A grand slam… if only I really had that kind of power to make it happen.  LOL

Day 50 – Do you have to ask?  Do you have to wonder?  Heck this is easy… the Cubs WIN the World Series!!!!  My mom and my former father-in-law were both big Chicago fans – they are celebrating in heaven tonight.  There was a party in the apartment building across the street and you could hear them shouting and setting off fireworks and then they began singing. “Go Cubs Go…”  It is good to be able to celebrate something positive.  Both teams gave the series their all and were great teams.

Now that the series is over it is back to business as usual.  My boyfriend will be able to get to bed closer to his normal time.  I won’t have to race between here and my Dad’s on commercial breaks at the inning to try to miss as little as possible.  It will be back to my usual college football games to cheer on. But once more before I go… way to go Cubbies!

Day 47 – 100 Days of Happiness

I am not a big sports fan.  If I had to pick a sport to watch it would have to be either college football or basketball.  I do however try to at least watch some of the World Series.  This year with two underdog teams it is hard not to be happy about the teams hard-fought battle to make it to the series. I have never really watched much baseball on TV and have been to fewer live games… however I do believe the live version is much more fun.

Tonight was game 5 in the series.  It was make or break time for the Cubs and it was a really close game.  I would much rather watch a game that is evenly matched than a lopsided win (like game 4 seemed to be). Being from the Midwest I choose the Cubs to be the team I am rooting for and tonight’s game was pretty incredible.  A lot of good playing from each team really, but the Cubs pulled off the win.

I can’t tell you what stats any of the players have, who hit well, who scored, or even who pitched… but I can tell you it was exciting to watch the crowd and see the sheer enthusiasm as the Cubs took the game into the win column.  A travel day tomorrow and then another needed win for the Cubs.  It would make it a nail-biting series taking it all the way to the wire and the final game of 7 to decide the victor.  Honestly the way both teams have played I see no losers at all in this series.  But I still say, “Go Cubbies!”