His Secret

the bottle hit the floor
another empty to litter the room
he is passed out
oblivious to food in the oven burning
the smoke detector sounds
only a slight movement
flames begin to form
he silently rolls over

now she has to explain
tell his family the awful truth
they were not the perfect family
they held a dark secret
and it reared it’s ugly head that night
while she was away
he drank himself to death
in the most painful way


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – bottle

Liquid Courage

Bring the bottle

Pass it around

It is time to pour

Another round

Spill forth our feelings

Open our souls

Now is not the time

For hiding our goals

Friends gathered

In intoxicated bliss

Mind if I ask you

For just a little kiss

I feel alone here

Surrounded by friends

Is this where we say

The fun never ends

But booze isn’t the answer

The question I forgot

Just tell me you love me

After one more shot