Spam For Breakfast

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She poured her oat cluster cereal into the bowl, added a little milk and sat down at the kitchen counter.  She grabbed her phone and began to search through the updates from overnight that were filling her screen.  Sale ads, email notifications, updates from Facebook and one that caught her eyes.

There was a text message from her phone carrier saying she had paid her bill and they had a gift for her.  In all of the years she had been with this provider she had never gotten such a text, and come to think of it her bill was not yet due.   Upon further examination she found it to be a pretty convincing spam with a link she would go nowhere near.  “Damn spammers,” she said and forwarded the text to 7726.


Yeah, I had a spam text last month that looked pretty legit, except it wasn’t my time to pay.  I did a little calling and Verizon said it was not sent by them and to forward it to their fraud division through the spam text number 7726.  I guess this is a universal number to report spam… at least that is the way it looked when I looked up the number on Google.  Be vigilant!  Watch out for all text you receive, they are not all innocent.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – cluster

Happy and Grateful – Day 260

The kids are all in school, there is a growing crisp in the air.  Football games and shorter days fill the weeks.  It is September.  I have accomplished another month of acknowledging my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join me as I continue my goal of one year on this journey.  Please join in with your happiness and gratitude in the comments or your own blog post.  No matter how bad the day is there is always something worthwhile in the day.

Ah… Sunday.  My boyfriends first of two days off and a day of only two errands to run, not bad.  My boyfriend usually spoils me on Sundays.  He fixes a big breakfast of eggs, sausage and hash browns.  Today was no different and it was so yummy!  It makes me happy, one of those comfort food meals.

It was also a nice fall like day.  We could once again open windows and hear the birds chirping.  It helped my mood a bit today.  With my daughter’s birthday coming up in about a week I am pinching pennies and trying to find corners to cut so I can get her a couple of nice gifts.  It has me stressed out.  I just want her to be happy with what she gets.

Tonight I am grateful to be able to take a little time to go through my emails from the week.  A good way to catch up on the last week before a new one begins.  Some weeks I can get really behind and this was a busy week.

I have taken my medication for the night and am starting to get tired.  I think I will maybe read a bit and head towards sleep.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good night/day!

Day 40 – 100 Days of Happiness

My head is swirling tonight with some unexpected news so I am doing all I can to hold onto the happy times of the day.  Falling back on something that always makes me happy is no different today.  For my birthday, since I am a member of their eclub, I get a free Perkins breakfast coupon.  Today my daughter and I went to use my coupon and have a nice late breakfast together.  We drank coffee that was more on the bitter side and not up to normal standards, but they were pretty busy too so we endured and laughed about it.

That is one thing that no matter how bad of a day either of us is having, when we get together we can usually make each other laugh.  I can say with pride my daughter is one of my best friends too.  I almost got to see her again tonight for a little bit, but she ended up having to work late.  There is always tomorrow though for another dose of laughter!