Matching Budget

The couple walked into the little thrift shop.  Glancing around the shop they saw it was an eclectic array of furnishings and décor, just what they needed for their new apartment.  Mary said, “There are so many things to choose from.  But none of it will match.”

Randy shook his head and replied, “We don’t have to match.  We just need to stay in budget.”

Mary looked at the price tag on a lamp and said, “Well, how about close to budget?”

Randy grinned and said, “Close might work,” as he picked up an old bowling trophy.

Mary rolled her eyes and said, “We may have to put down some ground rules in what we get.”

“You’re right.  We both have to look at it for a lot of years to come, so we should agree on what we get.”

“Let’s start with the big stuff and work our way down to the little knick-knacks.”


…I started working on this earlier today and just find myself stuck with no direction to take it.  I had setting and characters, but nothing in mind other than shopping for a new apartment.  So I am just going to let it sit there.  This of course was written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – eclectic



Day 84 – 100 Days of Happiness

I have a love hate relationship with shopping.  I really do love to shop for others, but I really hate having to watch my pennies.  I can look for just the right gift for someone and enjoy “the hunt” but if I find that extra something for them, it kills me to have to walk away from it because of lack of funds.  That being said, today’s happiness puts me closer to being done with Christmas shopping.  It was a requested item and one I know will get a lot of use.  I think so far the one “this it perfect” gift would have to be the shirt I found online for my daughter.  She has a small frog collection and I found a Crazy Frog Lady shirt for her at Cafe Press.

So the hunt will continue tomorrow.  If I can just get done in another week then I can sit back and relax a little instead of that last minute rush I am stuck in too many years.  How are you doing on your Christmas shopping?