A Night For Bowling

It was a dark night and Sheryl was babysitting at the Olsen’s house.  They have one boy and one girl age 7 and 6.  The night was cloudy and threatened rain, maybe even storms.  And just when Sheryl was getting ready to put the kids to bed a loud clap of thunder rumbled through the house.  Both kids jumped and grabbed onto Sheryl’s side.

“Relax, it is ok.  It is just a little thunder.  My mom always said that was the sound of angels bowling.  Have either of you been bowling,” Sheryl asked?

“Johnny got to go with Daddy one time, but I stayed home to bake with Mommy,” little Jenny said.

“Yeah,” Johnny said, “Daddy took me, and they put up a special rail so the ball would hit some pins.”

Just then the kids jumped again at an even louder crack of thunder.  “That had to be a strike.”

Jenny looked up to Sheryl and asked, “I thought it was the sounds the bugaboo makes on dark nights?”

“The bugaboo?”  Sheryl leaned down and looked at Jenny, “What is the Bugaboo?”

“He is the cousin of the Boogeyman and my friend Dan says they hate kids.  Is that true?”

Taking both children’s hands, she smiled and said, “there is no such thing as the Bugaboo or the Boogieman.  Dan was just trying to scare you.”

Johnny said, “Oh that is good.  Then that shadow ahead is nothing to be scared about.”

Sheryl looked up to see a dark figure shift in the doorway.  She let out a scream and grabbed both kids.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – bugaboo