The Man With Freckles

I remember it vividly.
I watched him
Bumble down the sidewalk.
He wore torn pants and
His shirt was dirty
But what I noticed most
Was his freckles, his smile
And how he greeted everyone.
“Good morning!” he said
And nodded his head.
He almost fell once
Then righted himself and went on.
The summer I worked in the city
I saw him every morning
And I couldn’t help but wonder
Why was he alone?
Where was his family?
And how could he always be so happy?
I never saw him ask for a penny
And I never saw his smile dim.
I often wonder about him
When I pass through the city now.
Is he still greeting each day with a smile?
If only we all could learn
Kindness and endless joy from him,
Maybe the world would be
A happier place.