Happy and Grateful – Day 60

As March begins I continue with my goal to find happiness and gratitude every day.  There is at least some small thing that can bring a smile and give you a moment to be grateful for.  Please join me in looking for the good moments of the day … it would be great if you would share them in the comments or on your own blog.  Be aware of the little wonders of the day!

I have lost track of how many days this fibro flare has had me hostage, but I will keep moving forward!  Today was back to the errands I put off the last couple of days.  I have my feet up now in the recliner waiting on my night meds to work on winding me down for the day.

Looking back on the day I would have to go for a seasonal joy.  It is a little early, but they are in the stores now so you kind of have to pounce on them while they stick around. Cadbury Caramel Eggs!  It is a guilty pleasure I must have once a year.  I could care less about Peeps, jelly beans are around year round these days and chocolate bunnies lost their wonder several year ago… but Caramel Eggs are still a magical explosion of creamy goodness in my mouth.  HAVE TO have them… usually 3 or 4 during the season.  So I am happy to say I have a four pack (minus two – one for me and one for my boyfriend) next to me on the table.  I am grateful they are only once a year as I might eat too many if they were year round!  What is your favorite Easter candy you must have this time of year?