Embrace The Dark

The only light in the room

Is the glow of one lone candle

Sitting on the dresser

It flickers and dances

Making shadows move on the wall

It should set a romantic mood

But where my mind is tonight

It is an ominous warning

There are demons in the shadows

Thoughts creep in of pain and abandonment

Memories of lost love and unfinished battles

Hopelessness and despair slowly take me over

And in one quick breath I extinguish the flame

More familiar with the darkness than the light

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – glow

If Only…

If only I could see

your face in candle light

I’d feel safe and warm

on this cold and haunted night.

If only I could hear

your voice call out my name

I’d feel love for you so deep

and you’d love me just the same.

If only I could taste

the salt sweat from your skin

our passion would be alive

and both of us would win.

If only I could breathe

the air you breathe tonight

together we’s be one

and feeling oh so right.

If only we could be together

just for one more day

I’d have the chance to show you

what is so very hard to say…