Be Prepared

“Please just take the money,” Sharon said.  “You never know what kind of trouble you might run into on your trip.”

“But Mom, we are just headed to Cedar Rapids, not across the country,” Nicole said.

“Please, just in case.”

“Ok Mom, but I don’t think we will need it.”

“You can give it back to me when you get home if you don’t end up using it.”

“Thanks Mom, this is just to go to a concert and then come back home.”

“I still wish you would stay the night in a hotel there, so you don’t have to drive in the dark back.”

“I drive at night all the time here and you never worry.”

“That is wrong. I always worry.”

“Ok, I will give you that.  Now we had better leave.  Thanks again Mom!”

“You’re welcome.  You and Andrea have fun, but be careful”

“We will.  I love you.”

“Love you too.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challange (FOWC) – case