(A2Z) As Good As Gold

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George Harrison, Genesis, Guns and Roses, Green Day… Gimme Three Steps, Get Back, Glory Days, Girl Crush… golden oldies, greatest hits, Grease, gold record… good group of choices.

Today I write about a family.  A family with a new project in the works.  Let me back up about forty years.  It was December 11, 1981 when me and a friend went to see a country group in concert, the Oak Ridge Boys.  I know what you are thinking, “Leigha, Oak starts with an O not a G.”  Bear with me.  I began something I may discuss more later but after that show I knew who William Lee Golden was (the singer with the long hair and beard).  Through the years I Iearned about his talented family.

He had three sons and two of the three were in a couple of bands.  There was Golden Speer, the Boys Band and the Goldens.  Fast forward to last year.  Covid sent people home.  There were no more concerts to perform.  I believe the seed of the idea came when Chris Golden began some Facebook live concerts and family members started popping in to play and sing along.

Very recently the family announced a new project that not only included William Lee, sons – Chris, Craig and Rusty, but also Chris’s musically inclined children.  As of yet I am not sure if any other family makes an appearance, but I wouldn’t be surprised. 

So all these wonderfully talented people got together in the studio and began creating and I cant wait to hear what they are going to release.  I have been a fan for years and am really excited about this project.  I can’t wait until it comes out!  It is three albums with three generations of Goldens – gospel, county classics and country rock.  It is due out this Spring.

In the mean time take a listen to a little of the Goldens (Chris and Rusty) music…

For Blogging A to Z April Prompt…


Good Tunes

They were driving to the mall for some last-minute Christmas gifts.  Sam began to fumble with the CDs tucked into her visor holder.  Carol said, “You drive, I’ll put in the music.  What are you looking for?”

“I have a soundtrack up there I was looking for.”

“You just navigate this traffic; I will find some tunes.”

Carol found the soundtrack Sam had been looking for.  She was a big fan of the musical Wicked and had gotten the Broadway album about a year ago.  Carol put the disc into the stereo and pushed fast forward to track 3… her favorite song from the production, “Popular.”

They both sang along with the song and it finished right when they got to the mall.  They both laughed and then Sam asked, “Carol, how far do you want to walk?”

“I can handle a long walk; just find the first open spot and we’ll hike from there.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – Popular