Day 29 – 100 Days of Happiness

Today was better… I didn’t lay in bed all day.  I did actually even leave the house.  I still hurt and am not fully out of the flare, but today was better.  I think part of it can be attributed to a message from an acquaintance.

It is really more like a friend of a friend, but the point is she sent me a message and we chatted a bit over the internet today.  I did not feel quite so invisible.  I actually might have felt a little upset over information about our mutual friend, but the point is I felt something.  It was not a mind numbing day.  I felt somehow alive again and maybe even a part of society.

We did not solve any earth shattering problems or anything close to it, but we did exchange pleasantries and small talk.  It was not much but it did bring a small smile to my face and some hope I might be worth someone’s time still.

Remember as you go through your day and you need something to do… maybe send a message to an old friend or someone you don’t know as well.  You might be the lift they were needing to get through their day.  (((HUGS)))