Two Timer

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“I can’t believe he did that!  Right to your face?” Melanie asked shockingly.

Carol just shook her head yes and said, “His lie was so obvious.  Of course, he said he forgot that I worked on Wednesdays, but still bringing that woman to where I work?  He doesn’t have a brain.  He should have known I would find out even if I wasn’t there.”

“Carol, the man is a slime ball.  I am so glad you found out now before you got anymore into him than you were.”

“Still It hurts.  I did like him; I don’t know what I did to send him searching for someone else.  I thought things were going well.”

“You are better off without him.  Sorry it does still hurt, but you deserve someone who will focus solely on you.”

“I guess Dan just didn’t care like I thought.  He can have that lady; his “tutor” can bail him out next time he gets another bad grade in English.”

“That will be next week, Carol!”  Both women began to laugh.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – slime

Another Woman Or Twenty

I had an inkling things were bad
Although it was hard to tell
Because you never really talk to me
The silence has been hell
But others fill your fantasies
Your voyeuristic ways
You sit and watch each night
And sometimes all the days
Just a touch from you would thrill me
Make me feel so alive
But instead you stare at the screen
On the internet you thrive
So I think I’ll pack my things up
I believe it is time to leave
But you’re so busy scrolling
You probably won’t even grieve

One Minute

Trying a little something different…. not real confident with my fiction attempt, but I am going to share it anyway.  At least I tried.  Let me know what you think.

I sat in my car with the engine still running. I glanced up to the window again and there were the silhouettes dark against the light of the room. He didn’t know I was coming over tonight. Now as the shapes moved to a silent song I felt I shouldn’t be here. One shape blurring into the other the two outlines became one. I was frozen to the spot. I knew it was her.
She had told me she would win him back some day. It had seemed like a promise and a threat. Now as I sat here watching them I knew it was true. She came back into town last week and I had heard through the grapevine she was looking for him.
When we first started dating Bill was convincing. He repeatedly said it was over with his ex-wife, but I had my doubts. Nothing I could put my finger on but a strong feeling just the same. Then Gloria met me downtown one day and told me he would be hers again. I will never forget her saying, “We have a bound you will never break.” I knew she was right.  The only reason I thought we had a future was because she was moving out of state.
Now as seconds turned into minutes, I struggled with what I should do. A part of me wanted to go in there and scream and shout. While the child in me was hurt and feeling abandoned.
The last thing I wanted was a fight so drawing a heavy breath I put the car into drive and slowly pulled away from the house. At least this way she would not see how hurt I was. I drove towards home and began to process the way I felt. I knew I would become stronger in the end, but tonight I would be gentle with myself. I will get through this one minute at a time.