Rah, Rah, Rah!

The girls huddled near the bleachers not wanting to remove their sweat suits, but this was a home game and the coach told them if they kept moving, they would be warm.  So, the sweat suits went on the bench and the girls went into their first cheer.

The crowd was less than enthusiastic as the girls jumped and yelled, clapping right into the next cheer without missing a beat.  The coach sat stoic on the bench watching them, inwardly shaming the crowd for not noticing the spirit her girls had.

The team took the football field and the crowd showed signs of life.  The cheerleaders were getting the crowd more into the game with some participation cheers.  By half-time the team was behind, but only by four points.

As the band entertained the crowd the girls had rushed into their sweat suits for some warmth.  The coach said, “You have all done really well.  Now for the second half I want to see more pyramids and use the megaphone.  The crowd is really getting loud now that we are so close in points.”

The teams returned to the field and the girls reluctantly shed the layer of warmth once again.  Bridget picked up the megaphone and began the next cheer.  The girls then moved towards each other to form a human pyramid.  The crowd cheered for them.  Donna was on top and she jumped down into the arms of Mary and Nancy.  Another round of applause and cheers from the crowd.  Just then an audible gasp came from the crowd.

More cheers and yells shouted by the crowd that was not for the cheerleaders as they disassembled their pyramid.  The Knights were on the run and the Cubs were only 6 yards away from a touchdown that would take the lead.  The girls began to cheer, “Move that ball, move that ball!”  The team snapped the ball and faked a hand-off.  The quarterback drew back for a pass and it sailed right into the receiver’s hands.  “Touchdown! Touchdown!  Touchdown!” Bridget shouted through the megaphone as the other girls jumped and did the splits in mid-air.

The clock wound down and the girls kept the crowd cheering.  The Cubs won the game and the girls all rushed back into their sweat suits glad this cold night ended on a happy note.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – megaphone