Happy and Grateful – Day 35

This is February and I am well on my way to attaining a goal I set for myself.  I am trying to post every day with happiness and gratitude that I have encountered that day.  There is always something no matter how small it may seem that we can be grateful for and even just a shared smile can make you happy if only for a moment.  Please try to find those moments for yourself too…  if you’re up to it I would love if you would share them too in the comments or your own blog.  Being aware can really turn a day around!

My ears are ringing, my voice is fading fast from screaming and my hands are hurting from clapping so much.  My niece, my daughter, her friend and I all went to an amazing concert tonight.  Not the condition one would expect to be in after attending an orchestra performance.  This was not a regular show though.  This was “Video Games Live” – an amazing concert of all video game music, no EPIC video game music.  The music was outstanding, the choir that was there to accompany them was superb… I want to go back to experience this again.

As a mature adult I remember the rise of the video game in the 80’s, to the games my daughter plays today… and you heard everything from new to old tonight.  Entertaining video clips in between some of the songs played, but the big screens were mainly to show off the graphics of the games the music accompanied.  And they were magnificent sights to see.  From a trip down memory lane with some of the earliest games, to today’s completely realistic graphics it was a visual feast as well as musical.

The show tours around the world and works with the local orchestras to put on each show.  I strongly recommend the show.  It was an event I wont soon forget.  I was happy to see a piece of my childhood today.  And grateful that the girls asked me to travel along on this magically musical journey.