A to Z Challenge – T

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The letter T …

I was so excited when I turned 15, I have a phone line put in my bedroom and had my own independent number.  I could talk to my friends and not have to be in a room full of people.  I was in heaven.  Little did I know in a short 12 to 13 years later I would have my first cell phone as it was important for me to have one in case of a problem with our new daughter.  That phone was one of the first with texting, but you had to touch the key multiple times to get the right letter.  It was a pain to text.  And the phone was also a heavy wide phone with a flimsy antenna.  I upgraded to a filp phone and still had the texting trouble, but it was smaller.

Now a days, I use the camera on my phone.  Play some games on it and am a good friend with Google.  I can pull up maps and get directions.  I use the alarms and calendar reminders.  I can go to Facebook and WordPress and catch up a bit.  I have unlimited data and feel naked if I don’t have my phone with me.  It is a lifeline still to friends and family… I am so grateful for my telephone.

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