Musical Heaven

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He stood on the stage singing of a virtuous and righteous man.  A man who was born into poverty and searched for a better life.  A man who found God.  Steve and Kris had come to the concert to see a new artist play.  They knew his father was in an old-time rock and roll band and had assumed his son Chris was a rocker too.  The music spoke of salvation and going to Heaven.  They had nothing against gospel music as long as it was good.

They often explored new bands and artists together.  There was something about the rush of a live show that made them feel alive.  And if some positive message was thrown into it as well, that would just be a bonus. They sang and swayed to some standard hymns.  Listened closely to the original songs.  They screamed and yelled for an encore.  And they went home happy to have heard an up-and-coming artist sing his heart out.  It had been a beautiful night.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – virtuous

The Poetry Man

(This is a little something I wrote for a friend and he encouraged me to share it.)

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Words that are music to the heart

Familiar but like a new discovery

Engaging feelings in me

Sounding of a symphony

Like lyrics to my favorite song

I find myself in a comforting sway

Moving to the sounds of your voice

Reading emotions in every word

A concert held for the masses

But truly encouraging one

Singing from the soul

Your kindness echoes of an encore

A time to replay the song

And give you a standing ovation

Mumbles … stage

Last week was a great week thanks to one special night.  My sister and I went to a concert.  It was for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  We were lucky enough to get tickets front and center and man what a show!  The stage was set for the seven-man band complete with a Christmas back drop.  Once those lights went on and the music began, I was hooked.

They played a mix of classic and original Christmas tunes along with some of their hits.  I was blown away by all the music, but the horn section that played the night away had such phenomenal talent.  The most interesting thing I learned that night was the seven members are all the original members of the band from 27 years ago.

After the show, all of them sat down at a table and greeted and signed autographs for those who stayed.  I purchased their newest Christmas CD and had it signed.  And it has some great music on it!  I will leave you with a little taste of their music.



Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – stage

Front Row

“Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, PRISM!” The announcer stepped back from the microphone as the crowd went wild. Taking the stage was Steve, Don, Harry and Craig, better known as Prism.

Lynn and Tracy had seen the band many times before and were possibly screaming the loudest as the band started into their hit song, “Always Yours.” The teenage girls had camped out and gotten front row seats for the first time. They were determined that this would be a night like no other. As Steve smiled and winked at Tracy, they knew it was only going to get better.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – prism

Mumbles… Rock On

Last night was amazing! I was able to experience the rush of a live concert again thanks to the local radio station – I won tickets to the show. It was a chance to observe, who I consider a classic rock band, Kansas, do some amazing things musically on stage. I am not a concert reviewer. I am a concert fan, maybe even a concert addict. In my youth I saw a lot of different live shows, from bar bands to stadium concerts. There is just such a rush I get from FEELING the music pound through me that no radio or Ipod can EVER match. The enthusiasm of the crowd fuels the band’s energy. That was one thing about last night that was great… it was a small crowd but the noise level made up for it!

I have to say this old lady felt mesmerized by the show and was able to rekindle some of my youthful energy. Definitely goes into the great concert category for me. They were just talking on the radio the other day about the fact that older bands still give the crowds 110% of what they’ve got in a live show, and new artists tend to just show up. Can’t really attest to the new artist side of the discussion, but man Kansas sure still rocks hard after more than 40 years of music!

Mumbles … Not So Typical

The last 24 hours have not been typical. We started with the thunderstorm, that went into rain and fog, and then it transitioned to snow… talk about all types of weather in one day’s time! I had to go to the city for a doctor appointment. But my daughter wanted lunch so we met where she works and she got to drive in the chaos that is Des Moines traffic. I discovered I had the wrong appointment time (1 instead of 1:40) but was able to be worked in early. At the restaurant there was only one serving of the daily special left, so my daughter got that for lunch, and I ordered something else. I went back home and sitting down to my laptop I had started to look at my emails and a new one came through from a local radio station… I won tickets to go see Kansas in concert plus a gift certificate to a local bar/restaurant. So I picked up tickets today after I took my Dad to a doctor’s appointment. Phew!

I am really excited to go to the concert. It has been way too long since I have seen a live show. There is such an energy at a live show from both the performer and the audience that I love! And although I don’t know all of their songs I do like what I have heard of their music… great harmonies. Now I just have to wait until May!

So now I kick back and relax from the stress on all that activity. I have some music playing on my laptop and it is time to get back to reading the posts I am behind on. At least this afternoon has been a little more typical.

I hope you all have a good day/night!  (((HUGS)))


The Return Home

The spotlight went on him

He began to play a riff

And the crowd went wild

The music flowed through the auditorium

The lights flashed brightly

And the audience was entranced

He played the last notes of the song

And the stage went dark

The crowd began to cheer, scream and whistle

This was just the beginning

This would be a concert to remember

The hometown crowd was perfect

Those who had doubted him long ago

Would now see how it was done

Rock and roll at its best


The four men took to the stage

with a great thunderous applause.

Before the crowd could quiet down

the band began to play

and the tenor took to the mic.

His voice sang of love and loss

then the other men joined in,

beginning to harmonize on the chorus.

The crowd roared in approval

as the bass singer hit a long low note.

Throughout the show the harmonies blended

and the crowd was drawn in

to a mesmerizing performance.

Four part harmony performed in perfection,

truly a memorable concert.