Shared Confessions

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Confess your dreams to me

Do you want to flee

Escape this madness with me

And live in fantasy free


Confess your truths to me

Do you need the key

To set your sins free

And a clear future see


Confess your love to me

Do you want to be free

Where you only feel glee

In a world of just we


Confess your hopes to me

Confess your past to me

Confess your feelings to me

Confess you need me

… as much as I need you


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – confess

The Truth

It should be no surprise

The way I feel for you

If I were to confess the truth

It would be beyond the love of friendship

It would be physical yearning I cannot stop

It would be an emotion so strong it is beyond words

But what good is the truth when nothing will ever happen

It is just more pain and disappointment for me

Because it will never be…