Going Against The Grain

He was different
Never really fit in
But all along
He had a plan
To do things
In a way all his own
To go against the grain
If it truly felt right
He was confident
In what he wanted
And wouldn’t let anything
Stand in his way
Some may call him a rebel
But I just saw him as
Completely self-assured
In doing what was right

The In Crowd

I was never in the popular crowd

Forever shy and withdrawn

Looking back I wonder

When my depression and anxiety

Actually took hold of my life

Was it to blame

For my extreme shyness

Was it why I felt I never fit in

I wonder what my childhood

Would have been like

If I had been confident

In who I was…

Casual Confidence

You have a casual way about you –

Take it all in stride,

Never let life get you down,

Go with the flow.

To put it simply

You are comfortable

In your own skin,

And that is a characteristic

I find very attractive.

Your confidence is not arrogance,

More of a cool calm demeanor.

You are sure of yourself

And that makes me certain

I wish I knew you better.

What’s Inside

Can I get a little privacy

A little time to myself

Where I’m not

Girlfriend, mother, daughter,

Sister, or even friend…


A time when I can just be me

And not trying to impress someone

Or take care of another

A time when I put myself first

Not second, third or further down the line


Maybe it is not privacy I need

Maybe it is a change in me I need

A determination to be put first

A strength not to be walked on

A confidence that I matter


…maybe it is just not in me