Happy and Grateful – Day 292

The month of October is upon us.  Fall is in full swing with the leaves gathering on the lawn… maybe a pile or two to run through even.  The evenings are getting dark earlier as the days grow shorter.  And a few of us look forward to a good scare with Halloween coming this month.  Everyday has at least some small portion of good in it.  I am looking for that good with this challenge to find my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join in with the challenge by commenting or writing your own blog… let’s find some goodness today.

Today was a pretty good day.  Weather was nice and I was able to walk to my weekly doctor’s appointment.  Taking a little bit of time to see the beauty of the trees I pass by on my way across the apartment complex.  The fall colors are really starting to pop.  I am hoping to make it to the park in the next week maybe to take some pictures before it is too late.

My doctor’s appointment went well.  It is always good to see my therapist.  I am having a little trouble with the morning appointment times.  I made it to alarm #4 before I started to really wake up.  I think I only have one more morning appointment left.  I find it so frustrating that I have trouble sleeping but then once I am asleep I have trouble waking up.  But I made it there and got to see the doctor and that made me happy.

Tonight was pretty quiet.  My boyfriend and I watched a little TV and had a nice dinner.  I am always grateful that my boyfriend likes to cook and will do so almost every night.  By the time dinner comes around I am often either tired or hurting.

Speaking of tired, it is time to rest my eyes.  I hope you remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good night/day!