Successful Work

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“The thinking of creative and successful men is never exerted in any direction other than that intended. That is why great men produce such a prodigious amount of work, seemingly without effort and without fatigue. The amount of work such men leave to posterity is amazing.” – Walter Russell

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A Creative Mind

“Since new developments are the product of a creative mind, we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every way possible.” – George Washington Carver

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As writers I thing we are inherently creative… what do you do to “stimulate or encourage” your mind when you write? Is there a place you have to be, sounds you have to hear or something you see that triggers a thought for your blog?

I can’t write in silence usually, I need music or something in the background for sound. The place doesn’t seem to matter too much- I have written many different places. I have gotten inspiration from pictures or things before, but I do a lot of word prompt post (like this one is). Other times, day or night, words just come to me and I write or type as fast as I can to keep up.

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Putting Pen to Paper

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There are several reasons I write.  The obvious one is for enjoyment.  I like stretching my creative muscles a bit to see what I can come up with.  I challenge myself with daily prompts and the occasional photo prompt.  I don’t know how true it is but they say keeping your brain active is good for your health as well.

One of the main reasons I write though is to get out what is inside of my head.  Ever since I was an awkward teenager I have put my doubts, fears and dreams into poems.  It is still an outlet for me.  And especially in these last 10 years I have had a LOT to process.  So I write.

There is also the hope that my darkest times turned around to “good” will let someone out there know there is hope that things can get better.  If I can even just reach one person and give them a bright spot or a bit of hope, I feel I have accomplished something.

And there is one final thing I didn’t expect.  The blogging community.  I have made some friends and I had no idea there would be such an easy connection with the community.  My readers are a great bunch of people and I thank you all for reading.

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Creative Outlet

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I have always had some kind of hobby going on in my life.  My first was stamp collecting (does anyone still do that?) and then my Dad got me into some coin collecting.  In my teen years they came out with trading cards for Kiss, Elvis, the movie Grease, Star Trek the Next Generation, etc.  I did the non-sport trading cards for a while and still have quite a few.  About that same time, I started getting lots of jewelry, figurines and so on with unicorns.

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Fast forward to the late 80s or early 90s… the start of the state quarters got me back into a little coin collecting.  Also working as a cashier, I would see old coins come into my register and ask to trade them out.  Then my daughter came, and a Disney and kids DVD collection started.

A recent card I did for a friend out of state.

Now a days it is my rubber stamping making all my own greeting cards.  And of course, writing.  I have done that since junior high school.  I would be lost without a creative outlet.  My next hobby… I want to save money to get a new camera and really work on my photography.  I will keep myself busy one way or another.  How about you?

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Mumbles … Creative

I am kind of nervous and excited at the same time.  I get to be creative this month.  I think I have mentioned before my daughter is engaged and the wedding is next year in January.  So, this is about the time to send out the Save The Date cards.  She asked if I would make them on my Cricut machine.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cricut machines, they are a cutting machine that can do tens of thousands of different fonts and images (or maybe they are up in the hundred of thousands of designs now)  You can make just about anything with them, even Save The Date cards.

Last night I spent about two and a half hours going through videos to find some basic info (a refresher course if you will) and specifics about designs available.  And there are so many to chose from!  I did find a couple of projects that had free cuts with them.  Although I am not opposed to signing up for a month of access to the full library of images for this.  I could cut to my heart’s content for the month and have lots of images saved in my desk drawer to use for cards throughout the year.

I did find one I really like that looks like doves against a lattice type background, very intricate cuts.  And the print and cut option lets me import an image, print it on my printer, then take it to my Cricut and cut the silhouette out.  There are so many choices… but next week will be one year until the wedding so I have to get something going soon.

So, I will stop babbling about being creative and go do it!  Fun, fun, fun!


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