Skipping Rocks

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The two children walked by the creek, picking up rocks and throwing them into the water.  “Did you hear that Billy?”

Billy stopped and asked, “What sound John?”

John turned and said, “The thunk when I threw in that last rock.  I know is hit something.”

“Where did you throw it?”

“Up ahead that way,” he said pointing to the area of bushes at the edge of the creek.

The two boys walked close to the edge of the creek and stopped suddenly.  Grabbing a stick Billy probed at the item the water had washed up, and they both screamed.

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Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – probe

The Trails

The shallow water rolls by

Gracefully cascading over rocks

flowing over the bed of sand

And wetting the edge of plants

I take a deep breath and sigh

Dreaming of days we walked in the water

Days when you were by my side

The trees and I miss you

The skies are as blue as my heart

But I still put one foot in front of another

And walk the trails without you