Waving the White Flag

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I have tried again and again

But it doesn’t change

You still avoid me

You still are silent

You still are leaving my life

I capitulate your friendship

And mourn the loss

Alone I start to cry

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – capitulate

Water Flows

Photo by Laura Garcia on Pexels.com

She was crying

Without words to communicate

What was the problem

The tears flowed

And she cried out

At my ropes end

I had to find a way

To pacify my baby

She wouldn’t eat

She was dry

And she would not sleep

Finally I turned on the water

I needed a drink

Dry from trying to coo her quiet

And her sobs stopped

She began to relax

I turned off the water

She began to fuss

For the sake of peace

I raised the water bill

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – pacify

Salty Kisses

Are you able to taste

The salt left from my tears

Can you hear

The cracks in my voice

Would it even

Make a difference if you could

I used to matter

Now I feel so alone and rejected

I guess I’ll just

Sit down and cry again over you

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – taste https://fivedotoh.com/2020/07/07/fowc-with-fandango-taste/

Mom Is Gone

If I were ten years old

I would run to my secret hideout

And just wait…


Wait until I stopped wanting to cry

Wait until my heart didn’t feel trampled inside

Wait until  a new day started

Because you said sunlight is always kinder

Wait until my head didn’t spin

Wait for another chance to read your notes

Wait for a new game of Parcheesi to start

Wait for the chocolate to melt on our tongues

But mostly I would wait forever

Just to hear you call my name

One more time…


It has been 6 1/2 years since my mom died in her sleep… I still miss her today like it was yesterday and ache for her friendship.

Day 59 – 100 Days of Happiness

I hate to cry.  I have been on the edge of tears for several days now and doing everything I can to keep from crying.  I know that is wrong to do that… the emotions are there for a reason and I should act on them.  I do all I can not to most of the time though.  But today I had enough.  Financial worries, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and my boyfriend being in a foul mood the last couple of days… it all took its’ toll today and I broke down.

When my eyes were red and tender.  When my nose was stuffed up.  When I had a crying headache…. things changed.  I felt a heavy weight off my shoulders I had been carrying for a few days now.  I felt life was not quite as desperate.  I felt more free inside.  I don’t know if happy is the right word or not, but I felt a whole lot closer to happy after i was done.  I talked to a friend and he helped to calm me down some.  I was now exhausted most of the rest of the day… but it was a pleasant tired.

I hate to cry, but sometimes it is just what is needed to make the day happy again.  (((HUGS))) to all who need it… be happy.