Mumbles … Colloquial

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That is uptown-moley!  I am over the moon with excitement.  What a drag.  There she goes, running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  No, I haven’t lost my mind… I am just writing a few examples of colloquial language.  Words and phrases you would use in an informal setting or writing.  Not a formal form of English.

Ok, now that that is taken care of… sorry, best I could do for the word colloquial. I am sitting here trying to stay awake long enough to read another day of posts and get one more prompt taken care of.  I have gained a little ground this weekend.  I would LOVE to say I was actually writing for the month of August soon, but I am not putting any timetable on things.

As we start a new month and week, I hope you all find yourself in a good place.  Things are kind of up in the air here, but I am making it through day by day or even minute by minute if need be.  We are helping out a family member with a place to stay and it is not all sunshine and roses.  I must be off to read more… sending out positive thoughts and lots of …

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – colloquial

Velvet Dress

The box looked ancient

It was held together with twine

A layer of dust covered the top

Carefully she picked it up

Curiosity getting the best of her

She untied the twine

And gently lifted the lid off

She was shocked to find

It was a very old burgundy dress

And there were some papers with it

Her mom had worn this dress

On a few rare occasions as a child

But it was actually

Her great-great-great grandmother’s dress

The dress she had been married in

It showed some signs of age

But considering how many years ago

It had been a wedding dress

It was remarkable well preserved

Smiling she replaced the papers

Closed the lid and tied it back up

Ready to be rediscovered some other day

(This is basically true… but I can’t recall the number of greats before grandma and she was TINY it was probably a size 5 dress. I know I could only wear it when I was very young and it was not too terribly long on me. A little piece of history to hand down to my daughter)

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – ancient

Mumbles … Social

I think I have always had a degree of social anxiety.  It was just referred to as shyness when I was young.  And shy I was.  I never wanted to be singled out in any way.  Hated to read out loud for my turn in class.  I knew I would stumble on a word and everyone (or at least some) would laugh at me.  As I grew up and cliques were a thing, I was a part of the loser’s clique – those not into sports, those not quite brainiacs, not the juvenile delinquents, and not the preppy crowd.

As I grew, I still retained my shyness.  That is one reason it shocked me that I could work as a cashier.  But as long as the customers were friendly or on their phones indifferent, I actually enjoyed wearing the mask of a happy cashier.  Until my anxiety worsened.  Suddenly long lines freaked me out and I could barely check a customer out without shaking.  And if there was any kind of conflict I just wanted to hide.  Not the best state of mind to be in.

Maybe it was the incident where the customer threw my water bottle down on the ground that started my decline.  She was pissed about a price that rang up wrong.  A supervisor told her it was right, and she reached over and grabbed my bottle and reached back with it (I would have sworn she was going to hit me with it) and threw it down across the floor.  I had to fill out a police report and everything on the whole thing.  Being “threatened” in the workplace, certainly did NOTHING to set my mind at ease.

Now I have anxiety pills I take to keep the edge off.  I no longer can work.  I have panic attacks if the anxiety gets too bad.  And I am unable to drive on an interstate or with lots of traffic.  I have heard the term social anxiety but never been told face to face I have it… but I am sure I do.  Large crowds are awful!  Even a group of 4 or more can put me on edge.  So, I take my meds, attempt to meditate, and am starting some very light yoga.  I do all I can to make it through day by day.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – social


I close my eyes

And lose myself

In random thoughts

Trying to tame

My poetic mind

And grasp some

Inspiration to write

From love to loss

From happy to sad

I have often

Written them all

But tonight’s thoughts

Are scattered and few

My muse is silent

And the words hidden

Leaving me with

A blank paper

And pen useless

If only for tonight

And tomorrow

I will once again search

For the words

I long to write


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – poetic


They hide in the shadows

And in the darkness of night

Those evil little gremlins

They can cause quite a fright

By day they disguise

As pretty little treats

They are bright and colorful

Tasty gooey sweets

But when night time comes

Into your closet they creep

And they take in your clothes

While you’re fast asleep

So take heed of this warning

And try with all your might

Not to eat too much

On the holiday nights