The Tuxedo Room

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She pulled open the drawer and picked up her finest lace underwear, tonight she chose black.  Her little black dress with some silver jewelry and black heels to match.  As she slipped into the dress she began to daydream about the night.  He had said to dress up, they were going dancing after dinner.  There was only one place in town he was taking her, The Tuxedo Room.  It wasn’t your normal dance club, but a much more romantic place with jazz, swing and a little jive.

She spent time making sure her make up was fresh.  Eye shadow and lipstick… no need for any foundation as she had smooth perfect skin.  She had been graced with her mother’s beauty.  Her mom had modeled for print ads until her early 50s.

He was there to pick her up at eight o’clock sharp.  He was always on time and she knew to be ready.  She felt tonight might turn out to be a special night.  This was their “almost“ second anniversary together, “almost” because their first date was set up the day before the Covid shutdown came.  So, they obviously had to cancel due to the closures.  There first date didn’t happen until they had communicated through emails and phone calls over a year.

She opened the door and he stood there in a black suit and grey tie, they were a perfect match. He escorted her to the car where he had a red rose in the seat for her.  She turned to give him a kiss and he was gone.  She looked up and down the street, he was no where.  Panic began to fill her she called out his name, “Alan!  ALAN!”

She suddenly sat up in bed gasping for air.  It was the same dream.  Or more accurately the same nightmare she had had since he died.  The victim of one of the new strains of Covid-19 not covered by the vaccines.  He was one of the first patients of the new strain to die from heart failure.  She still dreamed of the night they planned but never had.  When his parents had boxed his things up they found the engagement right that was meant for her, but he never had the chance to ask her to be his wife.  She would have said yes, in a heartbeat.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – underwear

In Your Arms Someday

The music starts low

I find myself swaying in my seat

I see you across the table

And remember a promise

I hope you see it in my eyes

You promised we would be

Dancing together one day

At this moment there is nothing

I could possibly want more

Than to be in your arms

Your breath on my neck

Your aftershave intoxicating me

But while I was lost in what could be

The song is suddenly over

And you never did ask

I still dream of that dance

Someday …