Something Wasn’t Quite Right

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The ominous night stretched before me

A black ink sky without a single star

The moon was shuttered by the clouds

A howling wind moved the leafless trees

Each step I took echoed in the near darkness

A lone streetlight dimly glowed

As I approached my car a figure turned the corner

I quickly unlocked my car and got in

I was a bit spooked from the night

The figure continued to approach

He stood in front of my now running car

Just standing there staring at me

I was afraid to take my eyes off of him

I slowly put the car in reverse

He took a step forward

I backed up further and he began to walk

Keeping pace with my car

I was now in the middle of the deserted street

My car stopped and him still staring at me

I reached to the passenger seat to get my phone

The man moved to my left

I made sure my doors were locked

He carried something in his hand

But with the dimly lit street

I could not make it out until

He lifted his hand up with the axe in it

All I could do was scream “Oh, my God!”

… that’s when my alarm went off.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – ominous

Fears In The Dark

In the dark of night

My fears come alive

And play games

With my mind

The looming trees

Create moving shadows

That reach for me

The wind creates

Noises that move

Towards me slowly

A stray cat becomes

A creepy animal

That stalks me

I hurry up the steps

To unlock the door

And rush into

The safety of

My home


Written For Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – creepy