100 Days of Happiness

Another night got away from me.  Fatigue and insomnia… it is a coin flip on which will happen.  Last night it was fatigue and who knows what tonight will have in store.  So once again here is yesterday’s and today’s post for my happiness days in one blog…

Day 67 – There are times you just have to cave in to cravings, even if they are for food that is not good for you.  My daughter called last week and was sharing a craving.  She said she had been wanting pigs in a blanket for a while now and I should invite her over for dinner and have that… no, she is not subtle at times.  So tonight was pigs in a blanket with cheese inside all ooey-gooey and melty.  It is one of those foods that is far from gourmet, but sometime you just have to do it for the good of comfort foods!  And because your daughter asked nicely.

Day 68 – This may seem strange but my happiness today came from a sweatshirt.  In the fall when the crisp is in the air but I am too stubborn to turn on the furnace yet there is nothing like the feeling of a warm soft fuzzy sweatshirt to keep the chill off.  My boyfriend bought me one for my birthday last month and it was just the thing to wear most of the day to stay comfy and cozy in.

Day 60 – 100 Days of Happiness

Oops… I had a busy day yesterday and was wiped out before I could post my Day 60, but what a fun day.  Every year there is a local craft fair at the community building and the senior high school.  Since my daughter was old enough to appreciate crafts we have tried to make it every year to the show and that is what we did yesterday.  It was good to see the changes from last years popular crafts.  My favorite of the new items was some beautiful decorated leather journals.  They were out of my price range but they were wonderfully crafted.  We did out usual stop to a repeat stand where they sell flavored pecans… had to get some maple ones, delicious!  Then after we had been through both buildings we took a trip to the craft store for more inspiration.  It was fun but the day had one more surprise.

I had stumbled across some information about an actual quidditch (as in the Harry Potter sport) tournament that would be taking place yesterday too.  So we took a few minutes to she what a sport on flying broomsticks with magical flying balls looked like in an ordinary world.  The players had broomsticks they had to keep between their legs, rubber balls to try to score and volleyball to hit each other with as a diversion.  It was fun to watch for a little bit, but my daughter had to go to work so we couldn’t stay long.

It was a full day for me and I am feeling the fatigue and pain from being on my feet so long yesterday, but it was a wonderful day spent with my daughter continuing a tradition.  Now we wait a year for it to return and offer more inspiration and the potential for a few early Christmas gifts.

Day 40 – 100 Days of Happiness

My head is swirling tonight with some unexpected news so I am doing all I can to hold onto the happy times of the day.  Falling back on something that always makes me happy is no different today.  For my birthday, since I am a member of their eclub, I get a free Perkins breakfast coupon.  Today my daughter and I went to use my coupon and have a nice late breakfast together.  We drank coffee that was more on the bitter side and not up to normal standards, but they were pretty busy too so we endured and laughed about it.

That is one thing that no matter how bad of a day either of us is having, when we get together we can usually make each other laugh.  I can say with pride my daughter is one of my best friends too.  I almost got to see her again tonight for a little bit, but she ended up having to work late.  There is always tomorrow though for another dose of laughter!

Day 32 – 100 Days of Happiness

I love being a mom.  I sometimes feel sad I only had one child, but when she turned out so wonderful why mess with “perfection.”

Seriously, my daughter has been pretty busy at work, took a trip to Chicago, has a social life and a visit to mom just didn’t fit her schedule well… until today.  It was just a couple of hours but we caught up on some things, had a great talk and even watched our guilty pleasure – the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.  It does my spirit wonders to have a chance to talk to her in person.  We always seem to find something to laugh over.. today it was a sappy moment on the soap we make fun of.

It still amazes me how my daughter turned out to be the wonderful young woman she is today.  I don’t feel I set a good example for her, but she turned out great in spite of that.  Her dad, in spite of the demons he battled, loved her very much and was a good father to her.  Some how the two of us were able to guide her to the woman she is today.

I am happy she is my daughter, thrilled she is my friend and forever will be in awe of the amazingly strong woman she is.

Day 25 – 100 Days of Happiness

A fourth of the way through this challenge I got to put on my Mom hat.  It is a hat I dearly love to wear.  And since my daughter is on her own it is rare that I get to wear the hat like I used to.  But today my daughter asked me to.

My daughter is sick.  Nothing major just the common cold, but it is one of the few times she wants her mom still.  She called asking if we had any chicken noodle soup in our pantry that I could bring to her.  A well prepared mom I jumped into action and pulled two cans from the shelves and set off to make a delivery.

She is actually on the tail end of the cold.  Her fever seems to have broken and she and I found a couple of things to laugh about as we sipped some tea and waited for the soup to warm.  I certainly don’t want my daughter to be sick, but am glad to still be needed at times.

Time to restock the pantry to be ready the next time… it is almost a perfect record of her getting sick every year around Christmas time since she was little so there will be more need I am sure.  I will set my hat back on the shelf for now and embrace the feeling of love and being needed while it is still fresh.  I love being a mom.

Day 13


Today my “baby” turned 22… she is my whole world.  Adjusting to her growing older, growing up and moving into adulthood has been hard, but I could not be prouder of her than I am.  She has advanced in her job, she has held together an apartment on her own for over a year and is now sharing a place with her closest friend.  She has turned into a remarkable woman.

Today we had a late lunch out and then returned to celebrate with a few gifts, cake and some card games.  It was a good day for her… I always try to make it a special day for her.  I even laughed some real deep laughs and smiled for a while.

Now the cards are put away and my daughter has gone home. We are having a light dinner and I have me feet up resting my back.  The washing machine hums in the next room and my boyfriend is watching football.  …today was almost a “normal” day, even a happy day.

Day 10

First of all for those of you following along… sorry I have dropped the ball the last couple of days on the daily prompts.  I am at least sticking with my #100happydays.  Things have been busy and trying to fit in an hour to meditate when I WON’T fall asleep is a challenge.  So my schedule is a little out of whack.  But the rain waters are not washing me away… I am still here and had a wonderful moment of happiness today.

I have to drive about an hour out-of-town to get my psych meds and the anxiety of that drive usually gets to me.  I take a half an anxiety pill and pray for the best when I set off.  Today however when I got to my appointment my lovely daughter texted me and wanted to meet afterwards for some coffee.  So I drove back out-of-town and hopped into the coffee shop where she works (she stayed late after her shift just to see me) and had a hot caramel apple drink while she drank her iced coffee.  It wasn’t a long time but it is always good when I get to see my daughter and she even bought me my drink.  Somehow (couldn’t have been my doing) she turned into a really sweet woman!  I am very proud of her daily!