Just Another Chair

silhouettes of couple kissing against sunset
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

You take me into your arms

Holding me tight to your chest

I can feel your heartbeat

And I am certain

You can feel mine racing

Gently you touch my chin

Lifting my face towards yours

Then with a caress of the cheek

You pull me into a kiss…

This is the daydream

I have dreamed a thousand times

But your wife’s picture

Is set upon your desk

And you barely say hello to me

I’m lost in thoughts of you

Most every single day

But I am only furnishing

In the corner of the office

You notice

But don’t really see


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – daydream


And as a bonus…


Your arms are around me again
Like you had never even gone
You gently caress my cheek
As we watch the growing dawn
You softly kiss me once
And my heart skips a beat
I always dreamed of this moment
For when we first would meet
But my imagination
Is just carried away again
I am lost in the daydream
And can’t help but grin
Truth is less romantic
And leaves me wanting more
But for now I only cry
Remembering you at the door
Someday we may have our chance
To explore our love another time
Until then I will embrace you
In a moment that is sublime


His voice was loud and sudden

It caused me to jolt back to reality

I was daydreaming again

Wishing for things like

Tenderness, romance and touch

Sincerity, kindness and maturity

Sobriety, awareness and presence of mind

But these days my dreams seem impossible

As he drifts further away


He is asking about dinner

And I sigh and answer him

Back to my reality

Where I feel so forgotten…