Standing on the edge

Leaning towards the truth

Trying to find the answers

That were buried in my youth

Standing on the edge

Missing your guidance

I have to turn within

For personal reliance

Standing on the edge

Not sure of tomorrow

All I know is

I must end this sorrow

Standing on the edge

One foot pushing forward

Not knowing if all should stop

Or I should continue onward

Standing on the edge

Feeling so very alone

Will this be the moment

I go to the unknown

Standing on the edge

Can’t anyone help me

To decide what to do

Where my life should be


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – edge


The day has come

It’s now or never

A chance for you to say

You still love me


I have nothing but hope

That you will finally be mine


But you are silent

And I am alone


Not the decision I dreamed of

But no matter what

I will always love you

Nobody can take that from me

Not even you with your silence

Final Curtain?

The curtains are a filter

For the harsh sunlight

Trying to block out the day

Block out the pain of last night

You lied

You broke your promise

You destroyed my hope

The sun may be shining

But my day is gloomy

Should I say goodbye

Is this the end

I shrink into my chair

Wanting to disappear

If only I knew answers

Instead of feeling only pain