Good Morning

I slowly open my eyes
Taking in the first morning’s light
I begin to stretch my arms
Feeling the warmth of the day already upon us
Yawning I look out the window
Trying to find the birds whose songs stir my senses
I throw the covers off my body
Ready to face the day with hope and determination
… this is going to be a beautiful day


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – stretch


It is an uphill climb

The daily struggle called life

You have to keep moving forward

Or you will lose your momentum

Rocks and bushes will try to slow you down

But obstacles are no match

For sheer determination and survival instincts

The ultimate view from the top

Will be worth the journey of strife

So whatever you do

Just keep climbing

What’s Inside

Can I get a little privacy

A little time to myself

Where I’m not

Girlfriend, mother, daughter,

Sister, or even friend…


A time when I can just be me

And not trying to impress someone

Or take care of another

A time when I put myself first

Not second, third or further down the line


Maybe it is not privacy I need

Maybe it is a change in me I need

A determination to be put first

A strength not to be walked on

A confidence that I matter


…maybe it is just not in me