Taking The Trash Out

What is all this noise

It hurts my ears

What is this ensuing chaos

It ravages my mind

These words you speak

They break my heart

So sweep the disappointments up

Remove all this trash from my sight

It is time to clean house

And get you out of my life


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – trash

Expectation and Disappointment

I tried to come up with a poem about today’s word prompt but my mind kept coming back to one thing that I could not shake… so no poem tonight.

The timing of the word prompt makes me wonder if WordPress has a camera and is watching me this week?  I just learned the lesson about expectations when I got my feelings hurt over a gift I sent a friend.  I was all worked up, proud of what I had done for his birthday and had run through the great words of praise he was going to give me.  He did thank me for things but that was about it.  No mention of the handmade card I had made.  No words about the poems I had shared with him (him being a fellow writer too).  Only a comment on one thing from the 9 page letter.  I felt hurt.  I felt dismissed.  I felt somehow I had done something wrong.

Then it came to me… I had expectations.  Today’s word prompt hit me like a slap to the face.  I had expected to hear more.  I had expected things I should not have.  It was only words.  It was only a birthday card.  Why did I expect so much more than I got from him?  My depression has moved from just around the corner to nudging me in the side this week and I suppose that made it affect me more.

I have to learn to control my expectations better.  I also have to learn it is not MY fault when things are a disappointment, only simply misplaced expectations.  But right now I have to go look for that little hidden camera… LOL!

roses are red

violets are blue

don’t have expectations

disappointment doesn’t look good on you