“We need to disseminate the news to everyone.  The new company policy will start next week so make sure you check the call-in and vacation sheets to see who you need to call with the news.  This is an important move for us and I think it will bring the staff together.  That’s all for now, so it’s back to work everyone.”

The people in the room quietly filed out, I was one of them.  I didn’t hear any conversations like usual at the end of a department heads meeting.  I think everyone was in a state of shock.  I know I was.

The meeting had been about an idea for a new monthly gathering.  It was not your normal company-wide meeting though.  The boss had the idea that we all should meet once a month for yoga in the park.  He had recently had heart surgery and was very into doing good things for his body and wanted to spread the joy.  It wasn’t a bad idea, I guess.  I just think we may lose some employees over it if it is mandatory.

I went back to my desk and typed up an email for all of my staff.  I guess we will see soon how it goes over.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – disseminate