Perfect Dream

In pursuit of the perfect dream
I lost a lot along the way…
First to go was my mind
As troubles weighed me down
I felt as if I’d drown
Next was my heart
When I misjudged him then
I lost what could have been
Finally I have a body
That now rejects what I want
Memories of painless days only taunt
In pursuit of the perfect dream
I lost a lot of me…


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – pursuit

A Pina Colada Day (FOWC)

The breeze is warm
Feeling moist on my skin
The sand is hot under my feet
The sun beats down
Coloring my skin
A cold drink in my hand
Quenches my tropical thirst
As I sit down in my chair
I am content to watch the waves
As they roll over the beach
In my little dream of paradise


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – tropical

In My Dreams

My health has resulted in

A chart filled with diagnoses

One disease blends into another

My dreams are filled with a panacea

To chase all symptoms away

But so far there are no cures

Only management by meds

So I slip back into slumber

For a brief hour or two of sleep

And dream of that wonder pill

So I can be normal again

Just Five More Minutes Please

I close my eyes
And sail across a dream
On silky smooth seas
Sparkling like diamonds
Only to find
The sea is a mirror
And the land
Is all yellow trees
Under a purple sun
I sail to find you
Floating upside down
Reaching for a cloud
Of marshmallow cream
I know you are lost
In this strange dreamland…


I awoke with a start

I was already panicked

Was the noise all a dream

Or was something the matter.

The sound woke me up

It was really quite loud

Was it a fire cracker going off

Or was it something more.

I looked all around inside

Peeked out through the curtains

But all seemed quite normal

Nothing held a fiery glow.

So it had to have been a dream

But I still can’t help but wonder

If some exterior sound may have

Warped my reality a bit this morning.

Vague Memories

The specific details are hard to recall

But you were there and that started it all


It started a heartbeat deep in my soul

When you took my hand and we went for a stroll


I remember we walked

I remember we talked


But what was said and where we went

I don’t recall during this event


All I know is we were close and you held me tight

My body reacted on that special night


And I saw you in a different light

And I loved you with all my might


When you did what you do

I felt brand new


Now my love is forever deep inside for you

And it all started with a dream from out of the blue

Floating Dreams

My heart floats high

Like a childs balloon

Whenever I get the chance

To talk to you


It’s like a marvelous dream

In my mind again and again

Whenever you text

That I’m in your thoughts


And my soul is ignited

With emotion so deep

Whenever you say

You love me


But I stand firmly on the ground

And know I am wide awake

Whenever you need me

The way that I need you

Day 33 – 100 Days of Happiness

A third of the way through this challenge and I refuse to get stuck now!  I would say my moment of happiness was in the little bit of “work” I did today.  I did a little cleaning up of my photographs and saved some to my flash drive that I know I want to keep to edit and maybe print.  I love taking pictures and ultimately would like to come up with a poem and photography book… it is a dream.

So sorting picture files today made me happy… here is a little happiness I captured in nature to share with you.  (((HUGS)))

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2
Lake Trail
Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2
Autumn Colors
Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2
Blooms Face