Fine Tuning

Headphones on

Lost in another world

Music transcends the day

Stresses fade away

As the sound flows

Notes defeat the madness

Calm drifts over me

No anxieties exist

The melodies soothe away sadness

The therapy of bass

The treatment of treble

Completes my day

As I compose my dreams

Heard In My Head

I heard your voice in my head

You said “I love you too”

But only for my dream time

Not really to be true


But dreams only hurt

The dreamers beating heart

Reality just shakes me

And tears your love apart


So I go on dreaming

And hopelessly loving you

Knowing my heart will beat

Forever shaded in blue

Changing Success

As a kid I dreamed of stardom,

A movie star or singer.

As a teen I lowered my goals,

The song writer or a stage hand.

In my twenties it wasn’t about the fame,

Marriage and a good job.

As I matured only one thing mattered,

Be the best mom I could be.

Now I want to be successful in one thing,

Being me.

Cling To Me

Inside there is a scared child

One who clings to dreams

Who is afraid of failure

And painfully lonely times


She clings to hopes of happiness

But cowers in fear of change

She has been pushed down for years

And tries to stay within the shadows


But now I choose to take her hand

And help her see her wishes achieved

She can cling to me in trust

For I know just what she needs

Mountain Cowboy

Mountain cowboy

Hear the call of nature

Speaking your name

Whispering in the trees

Laughing with the river flow

Shouting with the mountain heights


Mountain cowboy

Know you are home

With the wind by your side

The sun on your face

Your horse next to you

A fire ready for night fall


Mountain cowboy

Remember those you leave behind

Forever touched by your spirit

Holding you deep in their hearts

Missing you every day

Loving you forever


Mountain cowboy

Ride off to your dreams

Straight into the sunset…

When I Grow Up…

As a kid growing up I used to dream of being an actress or singer.  Or even the wife of someone famous so I could look pretty for the camera …  dreams of a child are not well thought out.  Now as an adult and more so the older I get, I am glad I did not follow that dream.  To never have any privacy.  Your entire life out there for everyone to see.  You couldn’t pay me enough to be that pretty woman on the red carpet… did you ever wish for something you now are far away from wanting?


She opens the door and steps out of the car

Her long legs stretch out first

Followed by her slender figure

The dress she wears sparkles in the lights

Her face is painted to sheer perfection

Her hair in an elegant up-do swept off her neck

She exudes beauty in the spotlight

And we all look on in awe and envy

…but would we really want that life

Never able to block out the light of scrutiny

No matter how dark the sunglasses are

Stuck forever in the shine of celebrity?

Passionate Dreams

One look from you

And passionate dreams take flight.

But why would you want me?

I am past my prime

And my looks are not great.

My mind is broken

And my heart still tender.

If I only knew

What was behind that look;

Is it all just my hopes and wishes

Or does passion dwell there for you too?

For now I imagine our bliss

And hide my desires inside,

Take a deep sigh

And return a gentle smile.

The Blush Of Truth

To me it seems obvious

I know I blush when I talk to him

I laugh a little too easily at his jokes

my heart beat is so fast and loud when he is near

if our hands should touch I smile for hours

silly things remind me of him

he is on my mind all day long

and in my dreams each night

…but to him he only sees a friend.