More Than A Needed Scrub

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Dust and dirt

Grit and grime

No amount of cleaning

Can make this town shine

For the streets are filled

With guns and drugs

Gangs all around

And just regular thugs

In hopes of trying

To make this town safe

We gather together

And cling to a faith

Not one that blindly believes

In an all powerful God

But one where we trust each other

And give love and friendship a nod

So grab hold of a hand

And give of your light

We will make this darkened city

Once again lovely and bright

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – grit

Crying For Someone To Care

She cries and nobody hears her

Her stomach growls but no one brings food

She sleeps in filth and nobody will clean her

Her heart craves love but no one will hold her

This baby was abandoned

Left for a chance to get high

Left for a quick fix

The pull of the drug

Was stronger than family

Will her parents learn soon enough

To save this innocent life

Or will she be another statistic

Left alone to die…