The monotonous sound

Of his voice droned on

She was tired of this

He always talked a lot

When he had been drinking

And it was mostly nonsense

Years later a part of her

Longed to hear the ramblings

But it was not possible

He drank his last drink

And took his last breath

So she was truly alone

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – monotonous

Questions Still Linger

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I have questions I want to ask

There are so many things

That seem uncertain

I know you cared once

But do you still now

Do you find me pretty

Or am I aged past my prime

I know the world is scary now

But that should pull us closer

Not force us further apart

And a sickening feeling returns to me

When I realize you are too drunk to answer

It puts me back where I once was

With the millions of heartbreaks I had

So please take a moment

Clear your head

And tell me

Do you still want me

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – uncertain

Too Much

“Ben, don’t be so childish!” Tanya was so frustrated with her date.  They had gone out only twice but this was turning out to be a mistake.

“Ah come on it’s jus one lil’ kissss,” Ben slurred his words when he spoke to her.

She came close to him and said, “Normal people don’t taste like a distillery either.  You are drunk and you need to go home.  Do you need my help up the stairs?”

“Nah baby, I jus need you.”

“That’s it.  Call me when you mature a few more years.  Life is not always a party!”

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – mature

Grandma’s Globe

butterfly snow globe
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She ducked as he threw the snow globe across the room.  It hit the wall and shattered with water splashing up.  She was furious.  He knew that globe had been the last gift from her mom who passed away five years ago.  “Do you feel all big and tough now that you broke that?  Or are you out to destroy a little bit more of me?”

They had fought before but never like this.  He usually just turned quiet if she raised her voice.  That would make her madder and him quieter withdrawing from any communication.  Her last resort was to leave the room and usually set out to the sidewalks to try to walk off some of the hurt, pain and anger.  This was the first time he tried to hit her with something.

She was most relieved that their daughter was at a friend’s house for a sleep over.  She tried so hard to protect her from all of this, her father’s drinking and self-destructive manor.  How would she explain the globe being broken though?  She too knew it was her mom’s favorite thing from grandma.  Just another mess of his she would have to clean up.

She walked for about thirty minutes and figured he was either gone or passed out drunk by now.  She went back in the house and grabbed the broom and a towel to clean up the glass and water.  Sure enough, he was passed out in his recliner.  She just left him there and went to find a friend on the internet to talk to.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – globe

Liquid Courage

Bring the bottle

Pass it around

It is time to pour

Another round

Spill forth our feelings

Open our souls

Now is not the time

For hiding our goals

Friends gathered

In intoxicated bliss

Mind if I ask you

For just a little kiss

I feel alone here

Surrounded by friends

Is this where we say

The fun never ends

But booze isn’t the answer

The question I forgot

Just tell me you love me

After one more shot

Automatically In The Past

It’s an automatic response;

I hear the slurred words,

I smell the alcohol on your breath

And I instantly tense.


I remember those nights;

He stumbled down the stairs,

Breaking the window

And I am instantly afraid.


I know you’re not him;

He drank more,

He lost control

And I should not compare you to him.


But it’s an automatic response;

You drink,

I remember

And the hurt begins again.