Mr. Goodbar And Friends

Famous Amos cookie wrappers
Littered on the floor
Empty ice cream tub
In sight in the trash
And a chocolate bar
Gripped tightly
Melting in my hand
Stress drives me to eat
And later regret
Another long night
Baffled by your silence
Hurt by your abandon
And desperate for your touch
While I feed my obsession
You slip further away
And I just lose all hope

Day 57 – 100 Days of Happiness

I am not in the best place and I know that.  I see my therapist tomorrow and it can’t come soon enough.  But I am still striving to find even the littlest point of happiness in my day.  Today it was something I tend to do that brings me happiness, but is not really all that healthy for me.  I eat.  I found a box of sugary cereal in the cupboard for breakfast.  Munched on some trail mix for lunch.  Had a big juicy cheese smothered hamburger for dinner with tater tots.  And my daughter brought me an apple fritter for dessert.  All good greasy, sugary, bad for me food…. but it made me feel good in the moment.  And some days the moment is all you can get.