With Feeling

comedy and tragedy

The truth is hidden within

And should not be kept silent

Express your feelings

May they be good or bad

Let your loved ones

Know that they matter

It’s ok to cry when you hurt

Laugh when there is happiness

And scream with anger

Locking down your feelings

For far too long

Can leave you with only

The loss of expression

And an empty hollow life


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – express

and for those of you still with me a little bonus…

Not Enough Words

If there was a way

I could express

How I feel about you

I’d shout it everywhere

For all to know

But a simple

I love you

Does not show

How much I care

Or what you mean to me

I cannot settle for basic words

When emotion knows no end

I’ll forever search

For the way to say

You’re more than my heart

This is more than just love