Just the Facts

vodka bottle

Fact is you once were mine

We shared a life together

We raised a family

We were happy


Fact is you met her nightly

She comforted you

She made you forget the pain

She put you into a quiet world


Fact is she was poison

She slowly drew you away

She made you lose your job

She broke up our family


Fact is she killed you

She rotted your insides

She dwindled you down to nothing

She ruined your liver


Fact is alcoholism is a deadly disease

You wouldn’t admit a problem

You wouldn’t seek help

You wouldn’t stop


Fact is you died holding onto her


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – fact

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The Break-up

It was all an act
That is the fact
You only used me
Then set me free
You didn’t care
You weren’t fair
My heart was broken
The words were spoken
I loved you
And you knew
But left anyway
So here I stay
Sad and alone
Waiting by the phone
For any hope
I barely cope
All because of you
And what you do
But thanks for the ride
I know I tried
It did not last
The stone was cast
Goodbye to you
Now we are through