Thank You Teacher

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I will never forget it.  I was in seventh grade and walking into English class you could just tell the teacher seemed on edge, not her usually chipper self.  She came to the front of the classroom and said she had our papers graded and was not happy.  She wanted to demonstrate something.  So, she walked to the far-left side of the chalkboard and wrote the letter “a.”  Then she walked to the far-right side of the chalkboard and wrote “lot.”  And in a rather loud upset voice told us those two should NEVER meet again.  There is no word “alot” because they are two separate words.  She went on to explain about the papers, but to this day every time I write a lot or see alot written wrong I still remember that day. Definitely a lesson learned.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #21 – a lesson you learned

Yeah, Yeah

Follow along everyone… So the FDDA post asked for “your temperment” – I thought on that for a moment and then moved onto what else Fandango had written. When I got to “Do you go with the flow…” I knew what I had to do. I hope you enjoy a little trip down memory lane…

For Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #20 – your temperament


I’m a pretty easy-going person

I have a lot of patience

And I can tolerate a lot

But I do hate one thing

It is not your inability to quit

it is not the shell of your former self

it never was you

but the demon that controlled you

forced you to lie

forced to keep drinking

forced you to walk away

the demon that ended your life

I hate that alcoholism

Took you away forever

From a daughter that needed you

And from me who still loved

The man drowning in the bottle

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) # 19 – hate

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Oh, to see his smile again

I always loved his laugh

He was from New York

And missed it terribly

But he fit in well here too

He introduced me to

The music of Genesis and

Gave me my first taste of sushi

I was in love but it wasn’t meant to be

He definitely had the city life in his veins

And I was young and naive

I will never forget the night it ended

Crying in his car in front of my house

I wanted to stay friends

But he was not so inclined

Even after more than 30 years

I still wonder where he is

And if he ever thinks of me

I do still catch myself

Looking at pictures of him

And the old feelings stir

I will always have

A place in my heart for him

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #18 – your first love

The Beat Goes On

This is the hardest easy challenge I have ever faced.  It is easy because I LOVE music.  It is hard because I love so much about music.  So how do I narrow it down?  How on earth do I just pick one topic about music to center on?  Favorite songs, favorite artists, best concerts, who I have met, the time I got on stage, my first concert, the epic Farm Aid concert… so many choices!

I wrote a short poem in high school about music that was written in the shape of a music note. “It soars with joy, it falls with sorrow, only in music, can we find our tomorrows.”   Just the first of many I would write about music and those that make music.  I have also written some lyrics.

A friend of mine put music to one of the sets of lyrics and I have that on CD.  It is such a rush to hear my words sung by someone!  He is still performing blues in the Florida area instead of pop music in the Midwest, he is pretty happy to be back to work after the shut-down.

In high school we had to write our obituaries and I of course was a lyricist whose song had just hit number 5 on the charts when I died in a car accident at 36.  But I had made it as a lyricist… a dream come true.  Now at 53 I am still dreaming and still writing.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #17 – music

The Ear Tug

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and TV was a lot different then.  Early on there were four whole channels to watch – ABC, CBS, NBC and of course Public Television.  I recall many times being used as the remote control in the house to get up and go to the TV to change the channel.  It was SO COOL when the remote actually came out and we got our first TV with one.

I can’t remember what year it was but while I was visiting my grandparents one summer I got a letter from my sister telling me all about the brand new cable TV we had with so many new channels to watch (maybe 20 tops).  Cable changed things in our household.  My mom went crazy for CNN and watched news all the time.

There were many shows I have watched over the years, but even though there have been some good shows, I still have to say my favorite was/is the Carol Burnett Show.  And some of the best shows were when the cast, in front of a live audience, did everything they could to keep from laughing.  Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were hilarious to watch together on the show.  And Carol herself was a great comedic actress.  I still wish the entire series was available on DVD.  What did you watch that you wish was still on?

Enjoy one of my favorite clips from the show…

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #16 – your favorite TV show

Creative Outlet

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I have always had some kind of hobby going on in my life.  My first was stamp collecting (does anyone still do that?) and then my Dad got me into some coin collecting.  In my teen years they came out with trading cards for Kiss, Elvis, the movie Grease, Star Trek the Next Generation, etc.  I did the non-sport trading cards for a while and still have quite a few.  About that same time, I started getting lots of jewelry, figurines and so on with unicorns.

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Fast forward to the late 80s or early 90s… the start of the state quarters got me back into a little coin collecting.  Also working as a cashier, I would see old coins come into my register and ask to trade them out.  Then my daughter came, and a Disney and kids DVD collection started.

A recent card I did for a friend out of state.

Now a days it is my rubber stamping making all my own greeting cards.  And of course, writing.  I have done that since junior high school.  I would be lost without a creative outlet.  My next hobby… I want to save money to get a new camera and really work on my photography.  I will keep myself busy one way or another.  How about you?

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #15 – your hobby or hobbies

What To Do

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I have not worked for more than 5 years now due to health reasons.  It is also because of health reasons I really don’t have a set daily routine.  With fibromyalgia I never know from one day to the next (sometimes even from one hour to the next) how I am going to feel, what is going to hurt and then you add in the depression’s ebb and flow, mixed with anxiety off and on… it is just what I can handle for the day.

I try to always read and write some with my blog and the posts I follow.  Since Mid-March I have carved out a little time to play Animal Crossing.  Then there is food to eat and meds to take and personal care.  I don’t have a set schedule for any of it though as some days the fatigue hits me with 2 or 3 naps and no energy.  The fibro fog can make it harder to concentrate on reading.  Even if it is nothing more than notes though I write something.  I may wake up wide awake some mornings when my boyfriend is going to work and other days I barely make it awake before he comes home. 

So, I don’t have a daily routine, but I have a daily itinerary I check off as I go.  And it is just about time for a little gaming, so I better get this posted.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #14 – your daily routine

In A Rush

My writing helpers

I write anywhere and everywhere.  I always have paper with me or my notepad on my phone.  But for my blogging time I am always in my recliner with my laptop.  Usually a cat laying somewhere on the chair or me.  I have something to drink close by.  Often a music channel on for background inspiration and any notes I have made up to the time of writing.  A lot of my writing comes to me in a rush.  Then I edit.  On a few rare occasions I have written and felt it needed no rewrites, but that doesn’t happen often.  And I am probably wrong about it not needing the editing done to it, but I like it or I don’t publish.  Speaking of publishing… it is that time.  And off to the next word prompt.

(This is a rare picture of me… I feel a little like the neighbor Wilson on Home Improvement with something always hiding my face. I really do hate to have my picture taken. But this picture makes me smile… sadly the middle cat is gone and the top cat is very sick but they are all in my heart)

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #13 – your blogging space

A Thousand

Capture a bird

In mid flight

Pick a flower

Swaying in the breeze

Paint the bold colors

Of an autumn tree

Freeze the bright smiles

On children’s faces

All you need

Is the touch

Of the shutter

To take a picture

Worth a thousand words

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #12 – something that brings you joy