The Brightest Light – FFFC #55

I thought this week I would give this challenge a try…

The image below is from danielarealpeg at Pixabay.16AF949E-BBA0-42D3-9E9E-D645B9481A95

She never knew what happened, just had the dreams she thought about.  Little flashes of supposed memories; her husband and son disappearing into the light.  Their faint outlines slowing moving upwards.  She had the dream again and again over these months since they disappeared, but she never really saw where they went until tonight.

Her dream started as normal; the two men in her life walking in their large yard.  The smell of fresh cut grass filled the air.  Somehow, she knew she was standing just outside of the picture by the shed.  In seconds she would faint and the unthinkable would happen.

She saw the men one by one raising off of the ground.  The brightest light she had ever seen shrouding them.  First one disappeared and then another.  Now where this was different was, she didn’t wake up then.  She saw what looked like a saucer travel across the sky to the shed.  She saw her body on the ground and it was struck with the same bright light, but it appeared to have no effect on her.  The light went out and she saw the saucer rise to the stars and vanish in the inky darkness.

She woke up in a pool of sweat.  She looked over and saw her husband back in bed, like none of this had ever happened.  She gasped and woke him up.  In a groggy voice he said, “Go back to sleep dear.  It was only a dream.”  But she knew, it had been real.


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge (FFFC) #55

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge – #37

He stood still on top of the bridge, looking at his grey shadow.  It looked so plain and dreary, just like him.  He felt so very alone.  Just two days ago she had left him.  Claimed he was sick.  He didn’t feel sick.  He just felt like he needed another drink.  Sure, he had a few drinks every night, but he couldn’t be an alcoholic, could he?  That was the word she had used.  It scared him. Made him take a look at himself and he wasn’t sure he liked what he saw.  Could she be right?  It just felt like life was spiraling out of control.  He loved her so much and felt deep guilt thinking he drove her away.

He sighed deeply and looked again at his shadow.  He would have to stop at the liquor store on the way home.  She just didn’t understand.  And the thought of living without her ripped him apart.  There was only one thing that would help, a little bit of vodka.



Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge (FFFC) #37