Goodbye City Life

I don’t know.  It is such a huge expense.  What if the land isn’t productive and the crops fail year after year?  How will we recoup our losses?

That is why we will have cows too in the front 3 acres.  Not many but it should be enough to keep us producing a profit.  Come on honey, you have always talked about living outside of the city.

It is a scary thought to leave everything up to the whims of Mother Nature.  But it is a lovely home on the acreage.  Let’s do it.

That’s the right attitude to have.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – productive


Scamper and scurry
We have to hurry
The time is now
To milk the cow
And feed the hens
Clean the pig pens
The sun isn’t waiting
Daylight is wasting

Scamper and scurry
We have to hurry
There is much to be done
Now it’s a quarter to one
The fields need tending
The work is never ending
We go until dark
Even during winter’s lark

Scamper and scurry
We have to hurry
Off to bed
Rest our head
And dream of a day
Where all we do is play
When the work is all done
It is time for having fun