Fandango’s Friday Flashback – October 25

Fandango started the Fandango’s Friday Flashback post a while back and I think only a handful of times have I posted ON Friday.  Once again I am a day behind… please forgive me!

The idea is to expose your readers to posts they may have missed or never saw.  So I travel back to October 25 just last year.  I hope you like this poem originally posted here.


Don’t challenge me

I won’t back down

I won’t listen to your lies

And I protect my own

You lost your chance

When you turned your back

You can’t push me around

I’m stronger than you know

Don’t challenge me

You won’t win

Fandango’s Friday Flashback – October 18

I realize this is Saturday… just pretend with me for a moment that I am not a day behind.  I blame it on my birthday this week… not that we did a lot for it but I did see two doctors that day and went out to dinner with my boyfriend.  Friday was all about resting and being wiped out after the fact.

So let’s take a look at 2016 for this FFF, the post was originally posted here.


Forgotten Dreams

This urgent need is back again

I want to reach out and touch you

Taste you

See you in loves light


But needs and wants

Don’t close the distance

That has grown

Between us


I have to learn to give up

On the dreams of us

You don’t want me

And I must move on

Fandango’s Friday Flashback – October 11th

This week I am back and only about an hour late for my time zone, but since Fandango is in California it is still technically Friday there and I am not late.  Regardless this is my FFF.

This post was originally posted on October 11th of 2017 here.  It seems like so much longer ago than two years, but I remember writing this one.  So now I share with you…

Unbridled Desire

What was I thinking?

That I could tame you?

That I had a chance

To capture your love?

To harness that emotion

That has always run wild?

They were pointless dreams

Filled with you and I

That only made me hope

I could subdue that spirit within

That drove me to love you.

It is time to wake up

And just enjoy the fact

I saw that natural passion at play.


Fandango’s Friday Flashback – September 13

Ah, it is that wonderful time again. No, not Friday the 13th, or the full moon, or the Harvest Moon.  It is time for another FFF.  Today I chose a poem from two years ago originally posted here.  It was for a daily word prompt – disobey.

I Will Not Disobey

I will not disobey

The wishes of my heart

Today is the day

I make a brand new start

I will not disobey

The musings of my mind

I will take the time

Always to be kind

I will not disobey

What I promise myself

My feelings I will never

Just place upon a shelf

Too much hurt and pain

Were bottled up in the past

Now I plan a future

Where happiness can last

Fandango’s Friday Flashback – September 6

It is that time of the week to reach back into the archives and find an old post and try and give it new life.  This one was very early on in my blogging.  It was just a stream of consciousness blog and I was having a rough night…

The Search for Help… One Word at a Time

Depression sucks!  In the midst of many life stresses, I am feeling the symptoms of all I endure…. depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia.  I am aching from head to toe, feel my thoughts swirling like a tornado in my mind, and jumping at every little sound.  I sit alone with my laptop and try to chase the feeling of doom with a little music.  Try to pass the time with a mindless game.  Try to slow the thoughts down with relaxation techniques.  None of this is working today.  The craving for comfort food (especially some sweets) keeps drawing me to the kitchen, only to find nothing to satisfy and calm me.  I hover over my cell phone trying to decide if I should burden anyone with my pain and terror today, only deciding it would change nothing and only make me look even less “normal” than I already do.  So I turn to a blank screen and the keyboard.  I write a couple of poems to get some of the chaos out.  Then talk to you… my invisible audience that I hope exists.  I let off some of the pressure I feel pinned down by with each word I type.  It is far from a cure.  It will not stop the pain.  But to write helps distract me in some ways.  A deep focus on how the sentence will flow, or to find the right block of words to convey what I am dealing with.  The words are not completely right, but they are close enough to slow the flood.  I hold onto a dream that maybe these words are what someone else may need to see someday to know they are not alone.  Today, at this moment, they are the words that I need to write for my own peace of mind.  In short, depression sucks!


Revisited for Fandango’s Friday Flashback September 6

Fandango’s Friday Flashback – August 30th

Fandango was a day late and a dollar short… does that make me two days late and in need of a two dollar bill? 🤔

Anyway, this is a poem originally posted here .  Check out more flashbacks from FFF here .Better yet dig back into your archives and joins in the fun!

One And Only

Just in time

Let’s start a rhyme

One of love

Sent from above

About devotion

And a lot of emotion

One never ending

It’s affection I’m sending

Straight to your heart

It’s where it all starts

So believe me when I say

I love you today

And for ever after

I’ll shout it from the rafter

You are my one and only

Without you I am lonely

Fandango’s Friday Flashback – August 23rd

I know I am a day late,,, if you don’t tell anyone I won’t either.  This weeks flashback is to a poem I did on August 23, 2017.  Only two years ago, but before that my posting was very hit and miss here and there.  So sit back and enjoy this little poem first published here .

More Than A Song

The music blasts through the headphones

Like a symphony lifting me skyward

The harmony seems to ooze out into my brain

Changing my pulse into a bass line

My brain waves into a melody

And I can soar like a bird forever free


Friday Flashback – August 2nd

Fandango over at This, That and The Other  now posts Fandango’s Friday Flashback (FFF) every week of a post from a previous year on that date.  I decided since WordPress reminded me this week I first started something vaguely like a blog six years ago I would join in.  This particular post is from two years ago originally posted here  but this is what my take on looking towards the future was like that night…

In The Mirror

Standing with a towel

Wrapped around my body

I wipe the mirror of its condensation

I peer through the foggy air

Straining to see myself

The distorted image faces me

Like half a shadow

Only showing part of me

Not the whole picture

It is like my own view

Not quite sure of myself

Not knowing who I am

Like in this foggy bathroom

Eventually the view will clear

And I will see my future

Clearly before me

I only have to believe