Warning, This Is Not a Drill

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It  comes in quietly

Without any warning

All will be well

Then WHAM it hits

This debilitating disease

It’s unrelenting pain

And the chronic fatigue

Strikes any time of day

A flare sends my limping

To the medicine cabinet

I can barely stay awake

And my minds focus

Bounces around in circles

I feel like it’s me against the world

As I struggle to explain

Another appointment to cancel

Because I just can’t move

Or fear I will sleep driving

And loneliness closes in

Twisting my thoughts

Well I am warning you fibro

I will not let you win today

I may surrender to the symptoms

But I will never give up

Living the best life I can


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – warning

Set Me Free

Photo by Jackson David on Pexels.com

Remove the sand within my eyes

Take the knives out of my back

I need to stop walking this broken glass

Both calves are tied in knots

I struggle to raise my arms

And my neck is stiff at best

This fibro flare has me in pain

And my mind all out of whack

As I struggle to write these words

I catch my breath in gasps

I hope the end of this flare is soon

I want to feel happiness again

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – remove


Like an insolent child

My fibro shows its disobedient side

Attacking me day after day

Showing me pain

Showing me fatigue

Showing me depression

It is the bully

Taking it all out on me

Making it harder to get through

Even a day of nothing but rest

I am struggling back with hope

That tomorrow will be better

Until then I turn on the heating pad

Reach for my medicine

And try to find a little comfort

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – insolent

*** It has been a rough few days and I am starting to come out of it and hopefully can do some more reading and writing to get to where I should be soon. Please be patient with me. (((HUGS)))

Mumbles … Flippant

Today has been a rough day for me.  My fibro is in a flare and has me hurting a lot.  I blame it partially on the unending rain we have had.  But the weatherman says that tomorrow there is going to be a dry day.  So, when the fibro flares I also have issue with thinking clearly.  And I have tried all day to come up with a post for flippant… I’ve got nothing.  I tried to write a poem and a short story, and my muse was on vacation for much of any writing.  I was even struggling to come up with comments today.  I hope you will forgive me for my lack of words today.  I am going to dig back into the posts I am behind on and hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, I will be in a little better shape.  Oh, and as for flippant… it is one word I have usually heard regarding someone not being serious or showing a lack of respect.  Something I have never been at least on purpose.  Good night everyone!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – flippant



Happy and Grateful – Day 242

Seven months are gone now and surprisingly I am still plugging along with this challenge to post about my happiness and gratitude every day this year.  August brings the state fair here in Iowa and lots of heat and humidity.  It is the time to see the back to school shopping start with kids dreading it and parents loving it.  As I continue my challenge I hope you will take a minute to reflect on your day too.  You can even share your happiness and gratitude here in the comments or on your own blog.  There is good in every day!

The words are not here.  I have started to describe today about a dozen times and keep back spacing over it so I am just going to go for it and keep what comes to mind this time.  I am sitting here watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Dates again… it is a cute movie.  I feel like it has been a long day and I got nothing done.

It was Wednesday so it was coffee day for my Dad.  We sat and visited with his former coworkers for about an hour and a half.  We got there a little late as I had fallen back asleep after I took my boyfriend to work, and managed to over sleep.  But we still managed to grab a couple of seats and chat.  It does make me happy that I can take my Dad to see his friends still.

Then I had to go and get my boyfriend after work.  Getting home it felt good to put my feet up and relax a bit.  I actually almost drifted off to sleep then too.  All the fatigue the last couple of days must be the start of a flare.  If that is the case I am grateful I don’t have much going on the next few days.

I have accomplished what I set out to do… sorry it was a little disjointed tonight, I’m just not feeling it.  Maybe a better night’s sleep will turn things around for me.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good night/day!

Happy and Grateful – Day 61 and 62

As March begins I continue with my goal to find happiness and gratitude every day.  There is at least some small thing that can bring a smile and give you a moment to be grateful for.  Please join me in looking for the good moments of the day … it would be great if you would share them in the comments or on your own blog.  Be aware of the little wonders of the day!

These last two days have been in full fibro flare – extra pain, extra fatigue and extra fog.  Extra is supposed to be good, but not in this case.  I have slept a lot and still feel like I have only slept a few short hours.  I have had a hard time reading posts and have to reread them often, so I am behind on reading posts.  I have had a bit of writer’s block and put together the best I could for the word prompts I missed.  And of course I am behind on my posts here and doubling up… I hope I can get back on track after tonight.

Fibro may have me slowed down, but I am still searching for little moments of joy.  And being in a flare it is often only little things that can break through the day as a whole.  A little girl talking to the fish tank at the clinic when I took Dad in today.  A very SLOW walk to my doctor’s appointment yesterday.  An old movie on TV last night, “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane.”  Today’s chat with my daughter.  All little moments, but they gave me a smile; they made me happy.  I am grateful to be able to recognize that joy still through the pain these last two days.

Happy and Grateful – Day 60

As March begins I continue with my goal to find happiness and gratitude every day.  There is at least some small thing that can bring a smile and give you a moment to be grateful for.  Please join me in looking for the good moments of the day … it would be great if you would share them in the comments or on your own blog.  Be aware of the little wonders of the day!

I have lost track of how many days this fibro flare has had me hostage, but I will keep moving forward!  Today was back to the errands I put off the last couple of days.  I have my feet up now in the recliner waiting on my night meds to work on winding me down for the day.

Looking back on the day I would have to go for a seasonal joy.  It is a little early, but they are in the stores now so you kind of have to pounce on them while they stick around. Cadbury Caramel Eggs!  It is a guilty pleasure I must have once a year.  I could care less about Peeps, jelly beans are around year round these days and chocolate bunnies lost their wonder several year ago… but Caramel Eggs are still a magical explosion of creamy goodness in my mouth.  HAVE TO have them… usually 3 or 4 during the season.  So I am happy to say I have a four pack (minus two – one for me and one for my boyfriend) next to me on the table.  I am grateful they are only once a year as I might eat too many if they were year round!  What is your favorite Easter candy you must have this time of year?