Foxy Friend

Frank’s fox was fierce
showing fearsome fangs
Frank’s fox was fast
frolicking in the field
Frank’s fox was frantic
fighting feral felines
Frank’s fox feasted
feeding on fried food
Frank’s fox found friendship
with a fox from Freemont
Frank’s fox is now a father…


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – fierce

Once Upon A Fragile Mind

The black tower surrounds me

Locking me deep into my depression

The fierce dragon of anxiety breathes

Fires of frustration and fear heating the walls

No brave prince comes to save me

No fairy godmother is here

My own lack of confidence keeps me chained

Afraid to take a step towards the drawbridge

Certain I can’t cross the moat

To ever find a positive destiny for myself

And break the spell trapping me here forever