Grandma’s Globe

butterfly snow globe
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She ducked as he threw the snow globe across the room.  It hit the wall and shattered with water splashing up.  She was furious.  He knew that globe had been the last gift from her mom who passed away five years ago.  “Do you feel all big and tough now that you broke that?  Or are you out to destroy a little bit more of me?”

They had fought before but never like this.  He usually just turned quiet if she raised her voice.  That would make her madder and him quieter withdrawing from any communication.  Her last resort was to leave the room and usually set out to the sidewalks to try to walk off some of the hurt, pain and anger.  This was the first time he tried to hit her with something.

She was most relieved that their daughter was at a friend’s house for a sleep over.  She tried so hard to protect her from all of this, her father’s drinking and self-destructive manor.  How would she explain the globe being broken though?  She too knew it was her mom’s favorite thing from grandma.  Just another mess of his she would have to clean up.

She walked for about thirty minutes and figured he was either gone or passed out drunk by now.  She went back in the house and grabbed the broom and a towel to clean up the glass and water.  Sure enough, he was passed out in his recliner.  She just left him there and went to find a friend on the internet to talk to.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – globe

It’s Over

He laughed at her.  “You really think your snide little comment hurts?”  He cleared his throat and said, “You hurt me a lot more over the years with all your lies and infidelities than a little name calling can do.”

She spat back, “I wouldn’t have had to look for anyone else if you were half a man at least.”

“At least I have a conscious that works.”  He walked to the door.  “Now get out.”

“But I have no where to go!”

“Not my problem,” he said as her phone rang.  “Tell your boyfriend to pick you up.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – snide

Within My Sight

Under the stars

I stare at the moon

Taking in the night

I inherit a chill

From the northern wind

And pull my jacket tight

With a deep sigh

I feel the hurt

From the earlier fight

I know the truth

But don’t believe

You wouldn’t make it right

And now somehow

I have to believe

In the morning there will be light

For when dawn breaks

I must be strong

And live with all my might


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – inherit

Another Fight

“Don’t undermine my authority,” she yelled at him.  “You agreed last week she would not get a job and now you took her job hunting all weekend?  Need I remind you I have full custody and can keep her from you.”

“Don’t threaten me.  She made valid points and promised her schooling came first.” He continued, “I tried to call you, but it just went to voicemail.  Were you out with HIM again?”

“Listen, I deserve to finally have a life, since you never took me anywhere.”

“Let’s not go to the past again.  This is about Tina’s future and I know she is a good student and will pull back if work takes too much time.”

“You just want to make me look like the bad guy.”

“You do a good enough job of that yourself.”

The front door slammed and Tina said, “Just let me work, I’m so sick of listening to the two of you fight.  Let me be the adult neither of you is being.”

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – undermine